What dragon do you think is a better option? Gryff or Galgrim?

Honestly, I’m stuck on what to pick. Galgrim’s spell set is a bit more impressive than Gryff’s is. Whereas, appearance-wise Gryff looks better but not as powerful in the video. What are you going to pick?

For the first 2 weeks, its Galgrim. After that I dunno. Havent fly any of them yet.

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Better option? Both :smiling_imp:
Also, thought you’ve answered your own question? :wink:


Flew Galgrim, not as impressive as he looks. Unless u unlock cloak and adaptive flak resist first, galgrim’s a bit risky to fly.
Just saying my opinion.

Easy. Gryff is a warrior and Galgrim is a hunter.

Hunters :heart_eyes:
Warriors :nauseated_face:

Get Galgrim :wink:

Plus he’s the discount so you really can’t go wrong.


One is a discounted hunter and one is a full price warrior. I like warriors but the legendaries are always trash to mediocre

for the discounted period, galgrim.

after that, still galgrim… b/c you started the branch already when it was discounted. -you need to finish the branch in order to gain a coin for the 3 you need to claim a mythic, so… :roll_eyes:


Galgrim :100:

If you’re getting a mythic this season, no question ask, always go for the 1/2 off dragon even if you don’t like him.

Use his runes to put on a mythic & just lv him up to a certain tier to help you out during “The Guardians” PvP

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