What dragon is that on the new wd icon?


He looks sick, I want it who is that


well it might be a new tier dragon


check your mails dude lol , that is probably the next warrior or the new tier that will be released soon


So 58 missed calls doesn’t confuse you ?:speak_no_evil::joy_cat:
All those notifications makes me suffer from OCD


the red banners were more painful to my eyes above lol but those too


Tarand is my guess. It has the same seal/tattoo on the leg.


Whenever a new season or tier releases, it usually features a dragon from it; I’d guess Hildr, though does look more like Tarand but is different in the snout. :rofl: Would be amusing if it were the festive super early :see_no_evil:


it looks furry and with horns , like bull horns not hildr ears . I am sure we gonna hear about them soon , it is probably the new tier


hildr tail looks different , it is another dragon for sure @forScience , look at the pic looks like a wolf with bull horns and moon too there , seems like a new theme to me


As the kind of person who clicks on every notification to make them go away, this gives me heartburn :joy:


What if it is the dragon the PGKharnyx said that is similar to Krampus that will be in the new tier?


at first glance i thought it was ursa but no. not at all, its for sure a new dragon from either new tier or new seasonal one… prob the new tier. like it has been in last


I can ask for y’all.


It’s albino Kurama :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Maybe someone from PG staff knows? I’d love to own it!


Lol be funny if it turns out to be a drag not released yet


It’s happened before :stuck_out_tongue:


The Krampus-inspired dragon is Gloomclaw, in the Garnet tier. He’s still available. :slight_smile:

We haven’t talked about the dragon in the icon yet! Can’t wait to share it with you folks… when the time comes.


Really? I didn’t know about Gloomclaw until now. Thanks for the information though!


Looked like Kurama from Naruto as far as face/head structure goes. Am nerd. Also a little like Ursa.