What dragon is that on the new wd icon?


At first I thought it was Tarand, but it is probably the Festive or Mythic Sorc. The patterns are not right for Tarand, he has less detail, as well as more icicles and horn at the end of his jaw. The tail is also thinner than Tarand’s by just a little bit.


Seems like they’re going for the Norse Mythology theme so I’m going to guess that it’s inspired from Fenrir the wolf


It’s a legendary dragon from the new tier they will release next week


here the high quality pic , looks awesome and it is probably the new tierIMG_1901


Shaved tattoed Renard?




I wonder if they’re gonna call it Fenrir, forgetting that they already have one, and end up renaming the original Fenrir :yum:


So the dragon exist in WD world, hoping it’s a glimpse of the festive dragon.


Horns are also wrong for it to be Renard… I should know. I spent a lot of time drawing that dragon for a contest :laughing:

The horns in the picture look more like a ram’s style or horn. Renard’s horns are more like antlers in design style.


It’s a shiny Gloomclaw that someone shaved


I tried to be funny :expressionless:
Ohhh wd forums…


:sweat_smile: My sarcasm and humor detection meters often break here. Without hearing vocal inflections and seeing body language, it can sometimes be hard to tell if someone is serious or merely joking :upside_down_face:


I’d like to know how you found that and if I can find it on Android for other apps please… I used to be able to save those icon pics, but I either forgot how or my new device is still confusing me. Thank you in advance :blush:




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