What dragons are these?


All I know is enki is the real pimp daddy


The top one looks like Frigg, the second one looks a lot like Volos, never seen the third one before.


The second one can’t be Volos as the dragon has no legs and a completely different flying animation.


The third one is Numen, purchasable thru rubies

Edit: The new numen design, not the old one in the pic that raptor has :dragon_face:


2 of these dragons look like the new mythic vanguard dragons




That was sneaky of you guys :slight_smile:


What dragon is this one though ?? :thinking:


Well, there is another hunter due this season, though it seems early to have it modeled out already (and doesn’t fit the theme but could always be reskinned). I haven’t seen it before :smiley:


Did I miss a reveal?


That’s Bob, he works in the accounting department


Twitch stream showed off the new mythic vanguards




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