What event is your favorite? What season so far is your favorite?

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  • Fight Pits
  • Kingdom Wars
  • Gauntlet
  • PVP Event Strategy
  • PVP Event Feedback

I hope you have fun!

Summerkai was the best season ever because :firefin:


My favorite event is Assault…but only when it comes around every now and then otherwise it’d be too much lol.

My fav season in terms of art is probably Souldance and my fav season in terms of dragons was season #3 with Sage and Aster and Abraxxas. That was a fun time.


Favorite events: King of the Hill, CaptureTheFlag/TugOfWar

Least favorite: Temple Raid. Too … many … guardians …


I am glad that you are enjoying this!


Boats… whatever they called it… which is funny since I hate what it became…

And the first season…


Keep it up and keep having fun!

Assault is definitely the best event, though there really needs to be some way to de-power your dragons in order to attempt to reach higher scores.

The whole thing where Kingdom Wars encourages leveling your dragons and Assault encourages not leveling them is bad design. Not to mention that ideally, we should want to expert our dragons when we get them, to make them more effective in battle. And that’s without getting into things like research bonuses.

And maybe the removal of divines from Assault entirely (or perhaps their separation into a separate category), to minimize things like “I’ll keep a mythic divine at level 1 and use it for every level.”


Event: procreation

Season: withermoon


Event: I don’t really have a favorite event. I used to find Temple Raid as my favorite, but over time that has lessened. Any PvP can end up feeling grindy. And fort and breeding can be over too quickly. I have a least favorite in Fight Pits, but don’t really have a favorite.

Season: SummerKai. I really liked the theming, and I think it had some of the most fun to fly and interesting dragons. I know they weren’t super competitive, but I find having fun with a dragon to be more important. If I don’t enjoy flying it, I won’t use it, even if its the best dragon ever. I barely touch my Naja for example.


Got it.

Season: Sunscorch (Just because Krelos, Hauhezen and third discount lol)


My favorite event is breeding cuz it’s the only event i don’t slack off in and do well every time, and fav season has to be Sunscorch, biggest progress jump for me

All the pvp events are boring , frustrating,long and feels like a chore. Doesn’t feeling like competitive events.
They are not a least bit fun. Just a time consuming feat to get sigils.

What event is your favorite? What season so far is your favorite? Agreed

None…they have taken the fun out of it. It’s more like tolerating due to addicted to the game.

Favorite Event: Fort though it is over so fast now, we need a side event to run along with it

Favorite PvP: Temple Raid (though we seriously need a raid option for the guardians). Gauntlet has become a lot more enjoyable though now that we’re not fighting our own teammates for points. Only thing they need to change is how the bot island that 25th place gets forced to hit. The way it is designed you pretty much can never get out of last place once you’re there

Most Hated: Kindom Wars, especially now. That event just needs to die. They probably could have created a new event to replace it with all the work they’ve put in trying to fix it. Let PGCoffee live on in our memories and not that horrible monstrosity

Favorite Season: Probably SummerKai or Withermoon. Both had 2 fantastic mythics and the legendaries were decent. I liked the effort they put into Withermoon’s backstory, I wish they were still doing that. The riders were also good, even though Withermoon basically just copy and pasted Summerkai’s riders and put different skins on them


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