What event(s) do you like?

Many people have expressed their frustration with a couple events (in particular). I don’t know that a plan of action has been formed yet, but I do know that PG has asked for feedback from the GPF on events. I also know they they do read the general forums. And getting thoughts and opinions from more people, both veterans and new players, can be very helpful.

EDIT: I am asking about PVP or PVE events (or combination PVP and PVE (Team Gauntlet is one everyone should know).

Also, please don’t say if you don’t like an idea. If you DO like an idea, click the like button. (This does not mean you cannot constructively build on an idea–that would be great.)

I will flag any posts that are critical of another’s idea.

This is brainstorming—there are no bad ideas in brainstorming.

Thank you!



What are the events (past or present) you do like?

Why do you like these events?

Is there an event or a type of event you would like to see? What about your event idea do you find most appealing?


I’m assuming we’re talking primarily about PVP events because the non pvp (Breed, Feed, Build) are going to be what they’re going to be.

My favorite PVP definitely has to be Gauntlet. I don’t know maybe it’s the relative ease but for me it’s always been pretty low stress and whatever team I’m on has always done well with it by being even the slightest bit organized.

I like Pits shockingly given the flaws that it has. I think there need to be some definite adjusts to the way scoring is handled so that more space can be generated during the six hour period (or crunch them into smaller rounds) so that it can’t all be erased in the last few attacks (even without megas a lot of turnaround is possible in a short time).

I would like to see more direct Team vs. Team matchups that don’t require attempting to smash every other team in the league at once. And something that would require teamwork and targeting the biggest bases more. Some type of rush-war where instead of flames you get points relative to the strength of the bases you’re attacking + points for successful defenses and then whoever wins moves on to next round in a tournament or round robin fashion.

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I would like a 1 day event once a season, where they take the highest and lowest attack power dragons, put them on a scale system, and invert it, so that level 500 players have like 1k attack power, and level 20’s have 1 billion.

It would be quite enjoyable to crush a huge base with say Draco or Aetrix or watch Destar fail on a level 30. No one gets hurt, everyone has fun, and it reminds us this is a game and the rules can change for a day and the whole world won’t go to pot.


For me it breaks down into the following categories (tried to be as descriptive as possible)


  • Breeding - It can be saved up for, hard work and activity during the month pays off. Could be made slightly better by implementing token scaling so that more people were able to breed more dragons per month
  • Fortification - This event is pretty boilerplate. This event could be made slightly better by either giving people a 30 minutes window at the start of event where no raiding was able to happen (aka a chance to use what you have saved up) or at least lessen the raids taken from each person. The wood supply balance needs to shift from 0% available on wednesday / 150% Sunday to like 30% wednesday / 100% sunday
  • Assault - Last iteration was pretty darn good. Tweaking of the prize levels might be nice, but the overall event was very enjoyable. Also, don’t change the duration of the event, any longer and it would grow extremely tedious. You need the short duration pressure in order to get as far as you can and have a BIT of time to go back and tidy up some runs. A dashboard similar to trials may be nice to incorporate at some point but not absolutely required, more of a QOL suggestion
  • Team Gauntlet - This event is fairly solid in my books. Maybe implementing some harder bases in some leagues may be applicable for the PVE gauntlet, because right now any kinnarus can simply auto-run the bases at the top levels. Not sure about PVP health scaling at lower leagues but its fine for higher leagues i think.
  • Trials - This was similar to assault but a better dashboard. Miracles/healing prices definitely need to be adjusted. I think that divine dragons should be 100% exempt from the event since it will skew the base levels too high for people in certain tiers. AKA if you have leveled all of your divines to gold, you don’t have divines to hit orange and green tier bases and are going to suffer for it.


  • KOTH - The barricades in gold chests is annoying and while it gives your team a few more minutes to hang onto the castle, it also provides the enemies with a lot more points so it’s a trade off where you really want to use them or not. A nice QOL improvement would be to see a time stamp on the castles on the main dashboard to see how long they have been held instead of having to manually go into each castle and check. Lots of teams hide in a single lower castle at the bottom for very long periods of time going unnoticed
    Raid mechanic is fantastic. It’s a different way of helping people optimize time in the game vs having the megacoin. Having to fly once and then the escalating cost of “free flights” plays into strategy, teams of different size and strength can still compete.
    I’m not sure that it works in 1v1 scenarios (capture the flag, pvp gauntlet island, etc) or events that are strictly time based. The reason why it works on KOTH is due to anybody being able to claim stake in a single target and things are health based and not time based for the takeovers of the bases.
    KOTH also has the semi lottery style system of winning bases which makes a LOT OF SENSE but maybe the values for auto wins need to be adjusted a smidge. Maybe instead of 70% its lowered down to 50% since claiming more than half should probably be considered a guaranteed victory. 70% is simply too high for some leagues and lots of people get pissed when something is stolen out from under their noses. This % could/should also be shown on the UI beside the wall HP amounts stolen per team so that one doesn’t have to calculate it out every time to make sure you are above a certain threshold.

Do not like:

  • Fight Pits - It’s a slightly better version of capture the flag, the less groups is better to focus on. The megacoin still absolutely kills it and the only time to actually invest time into this game is the last 45 minutes of each round. If you invest time in the middle of the round, you are automatically knocked back down within minutes.
  • World map - This one is OK i guess, but the land scaling for “big bases” needs to be fixed from the last iteration. It was way too tight for every league out there.
  • Dragon olympics - This one was too long at 8 days and no matter where you put it, it backed onto an event that you just did. Maybe 1 day of each breed, build, feed, pvp but not 2 unless you wanted to give us a week off the next week.
  • Feeding - Every. Single. Dragon. i have is expert. Logging in every 20 minutes on the dot to feed a perch is absolutely pointless and a waste of my time to get good points in this event. The premise of having to starve/save dragons from leveling sucks


  • Tug of War - This is overall the worst event out there to begin with, made even worse by the megacoin. There are many threads about this already so i’ll leave it at that.



I second a grace period for say like 30 min or an hour into fortification where raiding is disabled allowing player to use the resources they’ve been raiding for or saving for that event . This is where an event start timer would be nice even if its just for fortification start. sucks having max storages and 2 mins after event starts you’ve been raided for all of it lol


What would be the way to score this event?

What happens to the players in the middle? Not being critical but I would see it like a “seesaw” where the two ends can swap but we have to think of something to do with those close to the virtual “fulcrum”.

I absolutely love that one event where… damn there is no proper ending to that…

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Well, here goes…

How about an event that the spells and timers dropped during events (not the bronze, silver, gold chest) are replaced by something like shamrocks or something (hesitate to say eggs or bunnies due to the Easter / religious implications) and we use them to assign points. Kind of a treasure hunt that rewards grinding and can’t be bought (but heal pots could). Probably don’t want it to be 5 days long but maybe a mini event or something?

Tempted to remove this since I can practically hear the criticism mounting but what the heck…


Aside from Breeding, Training, and Fortification…

I love:

  • Mini Assault

I like:

  • King of the HILL
  • Team Gauntlet

I am indifferent towards:

  • Conquer the World

I dislike:

  • The Pits
  • Tug of War


  • Trials

I like this. An easter “treasure hunt” would actually be a treasure hunt lol. Turn in won rewards/eggs/shamrocks/whatever the commodity is during that seasonal event for chests/prizes at a prize hut


Love all the minor ones. Especially breed and the occasional feed.

Otherwise I love koth since it has a raid button, bonus meter and no mega coins.
Like gaulet as well as the one with non player islands and the occasional player islands pop up event. Not know the name.

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Team Gauntlet is my favorite because it allows everyone no mater what level to get the same amount of point. Another thing I like about this event is it still allows the team to team combat. I love the race to finish the PVP island before the other team. I agree with @mechengg the level of difficulty should be a higher. Currently, it is too easy to clear the last base. I also like king of the hill. I like the raid feature where you can get points without hitting the base after the first time. The event I don’t like is tug of war because it is grueling and burns through your energy at a rate I’m not happy with. I’m all for doing the work and spending the energy but it is almost like a person is forced to do super or megas to keep up. I always end up playing less hours during ToW or Fight Pits this last time.

I would like to see KOTH be a six hour energy regen because of the raid feature there is so much room to spend energy. Some flying some raiding!

Conquer the World is alright but I personally don’t like the average of how points per base is done.


If they could “hide” stuff in other parts like the little houses or just random spots that might make it even more fun but I didn’t want to push my luck.


I like it :+1: Sounds fun! And would be great at just 24-48 hours.

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Score it like it is now… low level guys get more points cause of switch… and vice versa. Middle ppl… give em a free 5k points or something because you can. Everyone wins… ish.

To further that idea… your base has a marker, let’s say red. You need to steal a blue and a yellow marker from 2 other bases (can only loot one at a time) to get a set, which gives you points, and then you get a new marker again.

Could make it harder to get a set each time (more markers) or make the marker colors needed random each time.

Points could be used to trade in for the stuff you want.

Least it’s something different…


Team Gauntlet is my favourite.

I like KOTH for raid feature and bonus meter but I suspect they will be changed the next time we see this event so that will go into the dislike category.

Mini Assault was a fun change up and a challenge to get the achievements.

I hear the old Blackbloods event was good everyone is always saying bring that back.

Imo all PVPs should be at least a day shorter. Really all they are is grinding unless there is some other element to it like Mini Assault.

I like the king of the hill, team gauntlent. Don’t like tug of war, pits. One reason this tension, these two events are exhausting in their tactics. The rest of the events are satisfactory to me.

KOTH has always been my favorite PVP. Sieges, raid attack, no inner fire…:heart_eyes:


I like any event where I can get stuff :man_shrugging: