What ever happened to event cycling from stream?

So, in a stream not so long ago, PGCoffee showed a really cool slide that shows event cycling.

What happened to that, cause the events ain’t following it…

“start and end the season with a feeding event”

Starts and ends the season with a feeding event.

You complain



I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what the stream showed. If you start and end a season with feeding, you therefore have 2 feeding events back to back? Does that make sense to you? Cause it doesn’t to me.

Pg and consistency lol good joke

PG does what they want, when they want it, and wherever they want it. They control what happens when so to be honest, they probably just wanted to switch it up a little for the final event of the season

Guess they forgot to tell the new guy before he posted a “schedule” on live stream.

Oh well, typical.

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