What exactly does mythic hunter/warrrior buff mean


Nah Huitzil is a beast against weak bases. I’ve already shot down 2 harbinger and 1 obsidian Huitzil on my teammates bases. Poor warrior lol


I am saving Rubies and chest since last season for the mythic hunter next season… I now have 115k rubies, 150-200 gold chest around 1000 bronze chest (use some)… should be 125k rubies at end of season and aroung 200k rubies at end of next season!

IF there is Super Sigil chest at end of next season, I will have more then enough sigils to get the mythic and the bonus egg…!

I made and excel tab with all the %luck from chest to get sigils (they show them for 3-4 event during the season)

BTW, i calculate that beeing Plat, so if you are in Saph or diamond, the sigils rewards are better so…!


I have one of these for public access in my vault which includes ALL events and ALL drops btw :slight_smile:


I’ll take a look and compare it with mine :slight_smile:


Ya i started this season with no where close to that; less than 1/2 actually. I should complete the mythic without spending.




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