What exactly is "base HP"


I’ve searched around and cant seem to find the answers. So what exactly is base hp. Is it affected by anything or is it always the same?


Base hp is what the hp if a dragon is before any boosts, spells, riders ect are applied.

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Check dragon-manager.com for the correct amount.


Is there a place where I can see this information? Someone mentioned dragon manager but I cant find it on that site.


Go to any dragon’s page and the numbers are all there. :t_rex:


“Hey google,what is base hp?”
(Google)- “base or basic, indicates a set numerical amount before any specific numerical additions are added;I.e, a set amount pertaining to the level.” “Hp indicates health points most commonly used in video games.”


It’s a number that allows you to balance your spells throwing your research into waste. So when you see a percentage count less if you did research.


Just because one word is base and one is hp doesn’t mean the game makes it always fit the definition. Being a condescending douche doesn’t help.

What I asked for was any place that actually defines base hp as a term.


It was a joke take it or leave it my lady.


verb Base

1.have as the foundation for (something); use as a point from which (something) can develop.
2.something used as a foundation or starting point for further work; a basis.
There’s your answer, ya know, in douche form. Hope that helps with your inquiry love😉


Many have answered already.

The term base is misleading. At least for me. Dragons increase hp and attack as part of leveling up too.

So base really means unmodified in terms of buffs. Basically spells often use a percentage of hp or attack, but prior to the recent spell scaling change, they ignore buffs. As it turns out damage and healing spells were notnscalig with the dragon as the hp went up for the dragon, and the main attack went up, a very large buff from a rider would still not make spells like a Galvonic Overlord strong enough to destroy towers, even though the main attack was scaling, dragons which depended on damage from spells became less and less relevant and did not scale as well between evolve stones when they had a competitive rider and other buffs applied.

The whole spell scaling was all about changing this to use “Modified” stats instead of the “Base” stats. As stacking the two quickly became pretty big numbers, they actually needed to adjust it slightly to make it scale all the way to the max tier.

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