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I put about 9700 troop on destroyer and rush to nml to attack another lonely destroyer
kill off 2000 troop and wipe out the prim of 4000
get back to atlas map and see another new destroyer is there
with all the suspicious of being attacked, I bring destroyer back to where my taunter is (nearby neutral zone)and transfer troop into it to find that out
Swipe on slide bar to random position and transfer success, so Im safe?
destroyer has 3.7k troop left

a half minute later: destroyer got kill and 3.7k troop gone, transfered troops to taunter are safe (firework at neutral zone)
Some pop up is missing somewhere, do you know?


But if the attacker has already started the attack before you moved your primarch (very likely while you were still in your battle, reason why you didn’t see the pop up probably), the attack will still count and kill your troops, regardless of where you moved and/or what you transferred.


They probably started their attack while you were on your run, still counts as an active attack if they do.


Im sure the time from when the transfer success till my destroyer get killed is not enough for anyone (even with vanguard) to fly through 8 islands long with a few delay towers
~> you think of the wrong pop up


then why am I able to transfer troop away?


Because they hadn’t finished. Same as 2 attackers hitting you at the same time- whoever finishes first would kill more troops than the other because the result depends on what is left when they kill the base


Attacks resolve at the end of the attack, so the troops were still there when you transferred them while under attack. Once the attack on you finished, the rest of your troops were killed. If you had transferred all but 1 of your troops, the attacker would’ve been out of luck.

As others said, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a safe zone when the attack ends, as long as the attack was started in NML it will finish. The troops killed are determined at the end, so if you’ve loaded troops on or off in the mean time that will affect the outcome.


right :joy:
so if I put full troop on fighter, put in nml, lure a lot primarch come to attack.
I see a red defend bander I will quickly bring fighter back and transfer troop away then bring sieger to where I lured people and kill them off. Is this how atlas mechanism work?
just so you know, before I see a pop up say I can not do this because Im being attacked.


I’ve tried transferring troops off a prim while under attack and it wouldn’t allow it. Unless the servers were just really far behind in this case?


maybe really really far because it took 40 seconds to run from nml to neutral zone, lag from entering castle and transfer


Have you ever tried to transfer troop out while being attacked?


Well, maybe it is just a glitch like other glitch


Yea you can technically do that, although doesn’t seem very effective,


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