What happend to the hammers?

Anyone else missing their hammers while defending?

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Among other things. Seems like another update that hurt more then it helped. I can’t even keep my main in game long enough to build troops.

Where you been? :slight_smile:

Particularly slow day today so I thought I’d pop in to see if anything is different. Seems remarkably similar to when I last visited in August.

Went to the UK for a few weeks, getting ready for the season - snow blowing…

Don’t want to hijack your thread. Hope all is well.



Good to see you :hugs:. Sorry it’s still a shit show :joy:


I’ve honestly only hopped on once today, to build troops and upgrade some gear. Haven’t stayed in long enough to notice any other glitches the new update brought. I’m still just too incensed over the mythic fubar.

But on topic. Hammers are the most important defense tactic and they’re not able to be used?


Not for sure about all Hammers but MC Hammer went to jail and filed bankruptcy​:joy::joy::joy:

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