What happened during this attack?

So I was messing around with my base and gathering wood to get my next upgrade. I figured it was a safe time to hoard because not many people have insomnia like I do and are playing a mobile game at 2 am. I go to run an attack, come back and I’ve been attacked. It just so happens that I love watching replay vids so I can see where my base needs focus, so I’m watching it and they send Bander our first. It goes until my kill island and faints outta the sky. They bring Nollaig in and use Winter’s Bite, they destroy my flax tower and everything else on the island, except the blue mage. At this point the Nollaig stops moving and they are able to destroy the rest of my base without moving.

I have a support ticket put in (#1136576) because that’s weird, to top it off, I didn’t get a defense notification while moving my base around. (I know I was looking at the base because I had moved the archer tower to last island temporarily before storing it).

@PGJared @PGEggToken @Arelyna any idea what happened?

I’m pretty sure this is cheating. Here’s a YouTube video I uploaded of it happening. Nollaig doesn’t move.

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What? Its very very suck dragons… Nollaig Green Tier and not moving

It’s certajnly weird. My base would have made them go into another dragon at least.

Its replay bug. I doubt it was a cheat.
Edit: I win Shimo :stuck_out_tongue:


Most likely it’s a replay bug. Similar things tend to happen when a dragon dies but the replay misses that

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I third that :grin:

You can see they had 3 attackers so what probably happened was Nollaig died and the other attackers were able to finish the base with 5 dragons

Plus it’s only 5pm here…did you say you had lumber?


This has happened to me before. I’m sure it’s just a really weird visual glitch.

Not anymore. :joy:

Thanks everyone. I hope it was a glitch.

Submitting a ticket is the only way I know to ask for PG’s confirmation (though probably it’s just an animation glitch)

Exactly remember there is more than one time zone in the world so what is 2 for you could be prime time to attack for someone else. And now we all want your 2:00 lumber

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? :thinking:

Looking at the video again I noticed that I had been looking at the base during the time because the archer tower was on the last island. I had stored it before going on my attack. When I came back I realized I had been attacked, which happens. I’m curious to see what happened in the replay video.

:joy::joy: True enough.

I’ve got a ticket put in. Haven’t heard back yet that I have seen, but just getting online for the day too.

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