What happened to Abraxxas lore?

Random curiosity - What happened to the Abraxxas/Kharnyx lore? Not exactly high priority :see_no_evil:
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I also liked the lore tab and have kept the pictures of each one as they progress. I like the artwork! I kinda lost interest though when we had the exact same image last season on the last month of the season…

The lore was a lie.

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We’re looking at ways of better incorporating lore into the game as something more persistent throughout your journey through War Dragons. It’s a fairly involved process though, so there’s still a lot to be done, and is not really at a stage where I can provide more specific details yet.

Abraxxis the mighiest dragon of all time, was causing havoc and desolation all over… attacking bases

Abraxxis roared " I will destr…"

BOOM#U@)#@!!!~wtf?!(@_! … Please pick another dragon, abraxxis died, 1% of base destroyed…


Tf is lore
(Unclear rhetoric)

a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

It’s like, stories and stuff. You know, in case you ever wonder “why” you’re flying around destroying people’s settlements and such.

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You can find the same roots in the world “Folklore” which is more local stories and Myths usually involving Nature divinities or fantastic creatures like Elves, Fairies and other legends. The stuff of Fairytales and religious beliefs…

And thus, it came to be that all dragon lords set out upon an epic quest filled with glory, splendor, and fire in the pursuit of devious and elusive egg tokens.


:thinking:Are you talking about the PG employee or the currency used to breed Dragons :joy::joy::joy:

I got it, I’m joking… But devious and elusive…it made me laugh even though that’s probably not accurate…:grin:

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