What happened to all of my silver chests?

I had over 30 silver chests and now they are all gone. What did I miss?

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Silver chests will be back next week. Any silver chests you earn will be available to be opened then. For now, they are replaced by runic chests.


runic chest taking over silver chest

silver chest will show up once event ends

silver chest count can be found right beside the Armory tab after deducting every bronze and gold chest that you have (including the free bronze chest)

You can ask support if you are unsure about how many silver chest you currently have right now.

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Welcome to the forums! When special chests are in the armory (such as sigil chests and runic chests), Silver Chests are temporarily disabled. Don’t worry - after this special weekend, your claimed silver chests will be there waiting for you!

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