What happened to beledinessoul?

For those wondering why LeaugeofSouls lost our most senior member.

Congrats, we are all cheering for you and I hope someone can post updates occasionally.


I wanted to read this article, but thanks to the GDPR** in the EU, I can’t… :cry: :scream: :sob:

**General Data Protection Regulation

What’s that?

I wish her best of luck! I wouldn’t be able to do it😂

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Oh good god :roll_eyes: let me correct it.

Holy FRICK! That’s a lot of money! I’m rooting for her :raised_hands:t3: Hope she knows we support her!


She was selected for a vitaminwater contest to go 365d without a smartphone to win $100,000 USD. She’ll still have a flip phone, and other people were talking about how tablets and laptops aren’t smart phones.

I think that about sums it up :stuck_out_tongue:

This is her twitter submission:


Still, I wonder if she’s going to be back…

(from @RPW 's instagram)

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:thinking: I suppose that it depends on if friends are still playing when she gets back and if she’s on a team that she meshes well with. Though, she’d be way behind and have a lot to catch up on, which could kill the game for some people. Also, it’s not like she’s banned from using the Internet, so maybe she’ll reply :slight_smile:

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Install vpn! Soo easy

If at the end of the year she gets a free tier offer to come back to WD, that could boost the prize to $101-105k. :smiley:


I like the way you think :wink: cough cough hopepgnoticesthiscomment cough


Hi everyone! Still lurking on the forums, reporting live from my desktop :wink: That’s one thing that hasn’t changed at all, as I am, and always have been the Master Forums Lurker.

I couldn’t just walk away from the WD community, of course. There are a couple fun articles floating around out there where I give y’all a shoutout. Thank you for the well-wishes! :heart:


Best of luck Bel! Look forward to chatting when you return to the game. :kissing_heart:

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I lost my soul here :sparkling_heart:, good luck with that Dragon Fairy

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You can do it! Go get em girl!! :muscle::+1:

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Miss all of you so much! But I just passed the 100-hour mark sans-smartphone, and so far I’ve only noticed improvements to daily life. (I am, however, very grateful that I can still use a desktop computer and remain connected in some small way to the WD community!)


Are you allowed to use a wifi only tablet?

Good for you!

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Sadly I am not, I can’t use any type of handheld “scrolling” device. It has actually done me a world of good to be away from the smartphone, so I have high hopes that I can use this year to develop myself some good life habits :wink:


Where’s your blog Elana?

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What do u plan to do with the money once you win?:smiling_imp:
And do u still access line on your computer?

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