What happened to beledinessoul?


Hilariously, I have filmed two episodes of my vlog so far…but I have to wait on approval to post them, and that process is woefully slow :see_no_evil::sob:

Hopefully I’ll be able to post episodes 1 and 2 this week on my youtube channel!


Lots of big plans for the money! I’m gonna repay what I owe on my car, treat my parents to a beautiful vacation (they suffered a lot while raising me, figured it was the least I could do), donate a chunk to the charities I feel most strongly about, and invest the rest in my small business :smiley:


Good for you! Mad respect. I’m extremely excited to follow you along your smartphone-less journey this year.


I watched the blog. It seems you like to climb stuff when your sober too


I am an expert tree-climber, regardless of whether or not I’ve poisoned myself with tequila beforehand :wink:


Don’t unsand my sandddddddddddddd :slight_smile:


Ahh, my old friend…I can always count on you to bring back the classics :wink:

How are you? Been fighting the good fight in Dragonland?


Where can we find your blog content?


They are linked through LeaugeofSouls YouTube page. Not sure where they exactly are… @BeledinesSoul


Ask and ye shall receive! It’s all on my personal Youtube channel, link below: