What happened to beledinessoul?


Hilariously, I have filmed two episodes of my vlog so far…but I have to wait on approval to post them, and that process is woefully slow :see_no_evil::sob:

Hopefully I’ll be able to post episodes 1 and 2 this week on my youtube channel!


Lots of big plans for the money! I’m gonna repay what I owe on my car, treat my parents to a beautiful vacation (they suffered a lot while raising me, figured it was the least I could do), donate a chunk to the charities I feel most strongly about, and invest the rest in my small business :smiley:


Good for you! Mad respect. I’m extremely excited to follow you along your smartphone-less journey this year.


I watched the blog. It seems you like to climb stuff when your sober too

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I am an expert tree-climber, regardless of whether or not I’ve poisoned myself with tequila beforehand :wink:


Don’t unsand my sandddddddddddddd :slight_smile:

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Ahh, my old friend…I can always count on you to bring back the classics :wink:

How are you? Been fighting the good fight in Dragonland?


Where can we find your blog content?


They are linked through LeaugeofSouls YouTube page. Not sure where they exactly are… @BeledinesSoul


Ask and ye shall receive! It’s all on my personal Youtube channel, link below:


Hey sweetness. I miss you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: glad its going well so far! :kissing_heart:

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Just watched your youtube vlog. So fun! Love your snake.

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SUNSHINE!! Good to hear from you! I miss you, my friend. How is life treating you these days? And I’m glad you enjoyed the vlog. Medusa says hi!


Miss you too luv. St Thomas looks beautiful! Tbh be glad youre not here. Lol. All the political crap with alliances has kinda ruined the game. I just want to fly :woman_shrugging: But … well… stuff happens :joy::joy:

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Ugh, yeah I definitely do not miss the politics and drama. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I feel less stressed now :joy::rofl:

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Lol could be. But the rest kinda makes up for the crap. Lol.

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Someone had there book release party for her second book in the series yesterday at THE LARGEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD