What happened to crusades

Crusades sounded like a fun way to get glory for your team and 5ta and seemed like a good way to diversify your enemies in atlas, where you can hit your own allies from your mega alliance.
As in the concept of mega alliances didn’t seem to apply there.
We have some major long term big teams disbanding from the looks of it, after this week’s PvP.
I have never seen so many big teams disband so fast.
Something needs to be done about atlas stagnancy , atlas lag and PvP event stagnancy where the same thing is repeated over and over again and it’s a tiresome chore.


They might have scrapped the idea like always :roll_eyes: typical PG most likely

@MALIK need someone who knows about stagnation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d guess @MALIK knows about games because he was involved with some before. And that the problem has to do with a defensive map. But totally just a feeling I have, I don’t know where I’m getting that :rofl:


Sieges was an attempt to head towards a offensive map and was scraped as far as I know at this point because of how they tried to implement it being it needed a shuffling system.

And we see how that worked out :rofl:

But it would have simply degraded anyway just more slowly and complexity will not solve the issue of not being able to balance degradation but it will make the game slow and Boring :man_shrugging::joy:
or it will produce lag :rage:
or worse even make the game repetitive :man_facepalming:

That said it was a move away from pure acquisition.
Currently no game has ever balanced the core goal of acquisition within a long term game!
That’s why chess is short and sweet and almost always ends in a draw :man_shrugging:


Just curious… but how could adding an event possibly make it more stale or boring? I’m not trolling, that’s an honest question.

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It won’t it would become repetitive like core events have and have been since before the map was added.
And we would still have stagnation :man_shrugging:
With a repetitive event!
I was pointing out other outcomes from trying to balance acquisition when I said slow and boring that’s because the first step is to add more “map expansion “ and the game becomes work and it’s slow and demanding of activity.
But in the case of sieges I’d say it would only become repetitive like all events lol

But it was just way to shuffle the map which basically makes all of atlas a mere event :rofl:
Ummm events always get repetitive :man_facepalming:
So yep it would have bought us some time at best

An Open Discussion Regarding “Purpose” - General Discussion - War Dragons

@Squigity The discussion about purpose is core to this. EITHER this is a COMPETITIVE WAR GAME that incorporates team-based strategy and rewards both activity and conquest, OR this is a CASUAL CASTLE-BUILDING AND EXPANDING GAME that has a social component but wherein nobody ever really makes significant advancements up or down…OR perhaps a little bit of both, as long as both playing styles are possible and supported.

IMO Crusades/Sieges would be an attempt to add a new element to the game to address an existing problem, that could be better addressed by eliminating/modifying existing elements.

That being said…if a new feature is the path that PG decides to take, then Sieges might be a fun option. I would also like to hear a non cryptic update from PG about what THEY see as the future of the game/atlas.


We need a new map called the void where we adventure into the void for both resources, and prizes, but first make sure the lag is exterminated

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Would really like to know the answer to that as well.

Seiges/ Crusades had the ability to sort of mitigate mega-alliances … When a gpf member turns his team to pirate because of the politics of atlas/ mega-alliances, it makes me wonder if this has been put on the back burner indefinitely or if there are no longer any plans to work on what everyone had admitted is a big problem of the game.

@PGGalileo any input on this would be appreciated :pray:

ps; not trying to single out anyone… just actually interested in this discussion and direction of some things


@PGGalileo working on events promoting more atlas PvP is alot better than working on normal events …im sure not everyone will agree but a majority will

really someone remembered about the “sieges”? This is one of the biggest fakes from pg. The idea that was supposed to rid the game of mega-alliances in general. The idea of ​​which was simply silenced by the community and quietly forgotten about it.


Galileo already answered me in plain text that they are not going to rid us of mega alliances, this is not in the plans


By the way, I and many other players stopped donating or quit the game altogether because of mega alliances. And in the last event for breeding dragons, online games have broken through the historic bottom. less than 30,000 people participated. of which, as we all know, there are many tweens. I have been waiting for my replacement in the clan for a month and a half. And I’m in d2. This is how well things are going online right now.

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Nailed it. :grin:

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Ahem the glitches would like to speak to you idc about the stagnation right now but new stuff can wait the bugs cause by some sort of update has got to be caused by a minor virus / fragment of a virus also you guys need to know if you can’t fight the mega alliance the best you can do is pair together and band together as pirates that’s the best odds to defeat them with no trouble that or I’m stupid

That is exactly what Dungeons is.

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What if it was bigger than some simple mechanical just like Candy Crush but more fun than matching crap?

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instead of totally shuffling map, why not build more safe and nml roads thru out the existing map??? and i dont say that like it would be easy…but it would be a change in protection levels…

Which areas that are currently owned would you like them for them to change to unowned and make a safe or nml area?

Why would they have to change anything to unowned? There are lots of areas on the map they could insert SZ’s or NML’s.