What happened to good season dragons

If PG isn’t going to make it possible for everyone to get a dragon each season, that’s not a junk invoker, there’s really no point in playing. Only those who can spend a good amount of money can get mythical ones. The tier dragons from breeding aren’t good for attacking your own level.

Also pg should put a stop to this bullying crap. There’s a difference between attacking and bullying. Stop making excuses.


This is pertinently untrue.


What level are you and what is your tier?

From vanguard and up, you should be able to hit any bases that are on the same tier.

They may not be as fast as you want them to be due to the meta they were designed under, but destroying base itself can be done.

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I use sothe and he is far from junk, ask any end game d1 team that triple defended me. Not always successful but above average

As Morreion said, far from true. This is a war game but also a resource management game l, manage them wisely and mythics are free

Garnath, amauruhk, solarius and many others would strongly disagree


Actually they are; recent tiers have pretty good dragons


The less you spend the more work you need to put in. I only get elites and get a mythic generally 1/2 way through the season.

There are also several good linkage in higher tiers. With good runes, riders and gear they can be competitive

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This isnt even close to true. If you have to spend a good amount of money to get a mythic then you are barely active on a dead team. Mythics are actually pretty easy to get even for lower levels IF you are active, on an active team and actually trying. If your team isnt getting at least 8/8 every event then find a new one because lazy people are holding you back (note this means YOU also need to be hitting 8/8 minimum). Really getting a mythic shouldnt cost you a dime, even F2P players can get them without issue.

While I do think there is a serious issue with both the quality of the dragons being offered (horrible mythic and legendaries lately) and the number of non-mythic dragons being offered in a season is a problem, mythics are not supposed to be participation trophies. You’re supposed to earn them.


I spend no money. I busy 8am-9pm every day. I get mythic.
But I agree we need a variety of new legendaries that are actually interesting. It’s still the life of the game tbh but it’s been lacking recently.


It is especially important for newer players.


Do you feel this way because your less active than a good majority of players?

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Yet people have their heads up their butts.

I didn’t believe I could get a mythic without spending money. I proved myself wrong. I started watching War Dragons the Grind videos to get an idea about how much to save to aim for the mythic.

I was part of a team which got 8/8 all the events. And I was very active both in main game and atlas. This is one of the games that you don’t have to spend to get the premium stuff (even though mythics are not that great nowadays). Also, once I got the first mythic, subsequent seasons have been easier and got more resources than before.

So, don’t believe when people say you can’t get a mythic without spending. Move to a better team and be a good team player.


Regarding the legendaries, PG should really put out more options for casual players to get them. One new dragon and resurrection crap won’t help much tbh

I don’t spend a penny on main game (not even elite) and still get a mythic in the first two weeks. It’s more about planning, resource management and being on a team that’s doing well in events (which means one needs to be doing well in events).


To get a mythic dragon, you need 20 Season Keys, right?

I’m going down the Garmir branch and I’ve got 3 Season Keys so far. I don’t expect to get 20 by the end of the season. And if I did open a mythic line, I wouldn’t have time left to get the dragon.

Assuming that people aren’t just lying for the fun of it, they are doing something very different from what I’m doing. I wish someone would explain what that is.

You need to have saved up enough chests (around 350 gold and 5k bronze when I got mine) before the start of the season . Costs have gone up so that may vary. The main thing is to complete two discount branches within the first two weeks. So all the sigils go into those discount branches (from opening chests, from events. opening the chests that you get from the branches itself). If you can complete, then it’s easy to get a mythic. First time I got, I went for 2 discount branches (12 keys), the tower line (6 keys-good resource line) and the festive dragon (3 keys). Then when the super sigil chests were out, used my rubies to open them and spent it on draconics at the end of the festive branch line.

Most important: When you are going for the first time to mythic, remain focused on how you spend the sigils. Don’t spend it on the limited time branches or trading posts unless it’s cheaper to spend it on that.

I usually go for one branch and stick to that but some people may get the keys from the different branches as it may be cheaper. The team I was in that time got 8/8 every event which is 1.2k sigils every week which is basically half a branch for the season.


Here’s a good amount of important info for season planning

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I prefer Solaris than any seasonal dragon that has ever been released.

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The good news there is that the dragon itself is free. Once you open the line you can immediately claim the dragon, the runes, and all the stones for it.


Why does he have 4k gold chests? But I do agree they need to make better legendaries and not just mythics.