What happened to good season dragons

When I add up the sigils required to get Garmir, it adds up to 39,000 sigils to get 6 Season Keys.

The 1200 sigils for 8/8 would complete 1/32 of a branch, not 1/2 a branch.

What am I missing here?

During the discount for first 2 weeks of a season, you can get the seasonal dragon and base boost branches for half the price. In addition to this, you get gold chests while completing the branches that add more to the sigil count.

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8/8 every event. It comes to 15,600 sigils just for that prize for the season.

8/8 will get you 20800 even without any sigils from individual achievements claimed, I thought?

should be 1600 * 13 = 20,800 if 8/8 every event.

You’re right I just calculated the final prize.

Just thinking of the one that’s missed the most. If teams are not getting the other prizes then that person needs to really rethink their purpose of the game.

Got it, thanks!

I have never bought anything more than elite and I’ve been getting mythics since Gig. I used to just work my butt off and save rubies for sigil chests and get my mythic that way. I’d also open chests during pvp. But now I save chests all season and open on the first pvp of the season. That alone usually gets me through both discounts in the first two weeks. It may suck for a season, but you can do it! Save those rubies!


Quill, Helm, Mordred…probably more I don’t know about, I tend to fly hunters.

Why don’t you take a peek at some of the earlier tiers lol. There are literally no dragons that can solo a well built base until you get to Itzani in Vanguard. None of them any use in pvp or atlas except invader runs and that isn’t pvp - or war - content.

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If we are talking about on-par bases, I remember Noctua doing well and that wasn’t even a mythic either.

Not even going to bring up Hauheset here. :zipper_mouth_face:

Every dragon was built to match the strength of bases at the time of their release. So your harbinger mythics were built around the towers and gear/runes etc. we had back then. That being said, I don’t think it’s hard to see why many older tier dragons are having a hard time against modern bases with all the exotic stuff and strong towers (cough … orrery … cough), even if they go up against their respective level of towers.

The exact same thing is what we’re seeing with resurrection dragons. They were built in old times and now resurrection bumps up theirs stats but not their spellkits (at least not sufficiently). It’s only logical that they will suck against modern bases.

There are also some cases where good dragons had to be benched early because of new content hard countering their spellkits (looking at IceFlak → Necryx and Howitzer → Ronin)


This is so wrong. I used to think just like you, now i get a mythic each seasson with no effort, the problem is the last 2 seassons were complete garbage and lineage seassons were better. Just save chests 1 or 2 seassons to build enought momentum to get the 2 discount lines at the begining of each seasson along with enough resources to easy get another full line of 6 keys, the other 2 being from festive is a must and all rubies in draconic chests.

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The meta wasnt totally solo or nothing back then. Set up was a very viable strategy because speed wasnt king yet. Noctua was one of the best dragons around. Most people didnt even have atlas yet

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Yeah that is the point, I don’t see anything being usable in pvp pre Itzani and that is the problem, it turns off new players cause their only usable dragon is the one or two legendaries they get from seasons. idk about you, but one new dragon every 3 months kinda sucks. Especially now that PG has reduced the number of legendaries from 4 to 2. With new tower releases PG should have gone back and buffed old content so that it remains viable - but of course they don’t have time for that lol.

However another solution would be to put old “lineage” spells on new dragons and give those spells a buff, that way it would then give a small buff to all of the dragons who have that spell. They did this previously with Ethera, who had the Frostbite passive originally on Icicle, not that this change made either of those dragons good but it just proves that modifying old spells could be done.