What happened to mini tower branch?

Mini tower branch was supposed to be week 1. Did this change?

I hope not as want the hunter mythic but not the legendary warrior. So means i can only get 19 keys :disappointed_relieved:


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I believe in game it shows it as being week 2


Great, that ruins my plans. Have a light work week so wanted lots of practice. Why oh why can’t slides be correct :man_facepalming::disappointed_relieved:

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Hey Ru …where do you go to see that in game? Thx.

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I believe this slide is technically weeks one and two but it confusingly only says week one.

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Thx mate :facepunch: shall we assume the week 7 tower branch is incorrect since fort will be week 6? :man_facepalming: This really shouldn’t be this difficult guys.


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