What happened to Silver League?

What happened to teams being in the silver league? I check every now and then for teams in silver but it seems like they don’t exist anymore. Does this have something to do with the way the game has changed over the year when I first started? I think it might be that something in the league system got really screwed up somehow.

Back when I had first started playing Silver league had teams within it, I remember joining
a team as well in that league.

Ive also read post about the league’s being messed up but everything i’ve looked at I haven’t seen anything about silver league.

Do they still exist and just move up so quickly I haven’t noticed? Or can nobody get in silver league anymore?

Also if the leagues really are messed up I need someone to explain to me how it all works

Meanwhile Plat is like the old gold league (and plat 3&4 like the old silver league? :see_no_evil::joy: ). Means that all activity moved up and below is dead.
PG could turn times and leagues back, so that diamond, sapphire and plat could get deleted and there is the old scheme from bronze to gold back again lol.

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Nope. Its a dead league more or less, so there arent teams in the league. We probably still have silver league because fixing it means more glitches and more crashes


We don’t have Silver because because in today’s state of play, it’s not beginner friendly. When a new player reaches the level where they become eligible to join a team, the game shows you a list of Gold teams to choose from.

By “not beginner friendly” I mean that you will not be compensated with sigils unless your team gets placed within the top 5, and the League Egg Token payout is abysmal. (Personal event scores and quests don’t change regardless of league)


The speed is king pay to compete mechanics have created a meta that has eliminated silver and it will continue to erode the game as it eliminates the player base……


That sounds like an ulcer: it started slowly to grow in bronze which is now inactive and went further up to silver which it just erased before growing more into gold :joy::joy::joy:


There is no silver league because there aren’t enough teams to fill up Gold league. I’ll leave it to the peanut gallery to draw their own conclusions.


So that must mean that so many people have stopped playing then?

That’s the foundation of the game eroding away as the top eliminates mid game :man_shrugging:

You see the bottom disappear as mid game shrinks from unbalanced engagement and pay to compete mechanics.
And with no objective and zero positional mechanics this meta has killed player retention the retention that keeps mid game grooming and conditioning players to transition to diamond but that would require an actual LONG TERM OBJECTIVE……:man_facepalming::boom:
Yeah silver league did not disappear gold swallowed it trying desperately to replace what sapphire has taken….
And everyone wonders why I keep ranting about the d@m objective :rofl:

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I’ve suggested several times for these lower leagues to be erased. There is no purpose to them other than a dead team museum. We’ve had alt teams that nobody actively plays on get first in pvp events without lifting a finger and progress through the bottom leagues that way. It’s messed up.


We had a silver league?
Bronze and silver leagues were certainly pointless. What we should have instead would be a Rookie or Training league which would only be for players under a certain level. It could give huge daily tokens to help them get caught up, maybe even other rss like weekly gold and bronze chests or timers, have the team wikis automatically full of guides about the game, links to WDNeon and Youtube, advice on base building, events, seasonal lines, etc.


I’m just glad I’m not a new player I don’t see how they can catch up or compete with those who have been playing for years. Unless serious money is involved from their side.:money_mouth_face:


Something to do with the number of existing teams.


It looks like there are not enough teams in existence to have a Silver league, or even a Gold5.

Looking around:

  • The lowest ranked atlas team is in Gold4 with 960 points and ranked 3275.
  • Gold5 is for teams ranked 3376 to 4175
  • Searching in game, you cannot find any silver league teams, but you can find 10 Bronze teams all with 1000 points.

So I guess, that new teams automatically get put into Bronze, but will jump to Gold4 when the league shuffles.

That’s depressing.


very depressing, I guess a lot of people have just stopped playing over the months then

As they enter the futility that is mid game most players simply wander off because they can now see the mountain they need to climb to reach competitive play and as mid game shrinks
that climb because even more daunting!

Then they are faced with elimination produced by pay to compete mechanics and escalating content which further impacts retention.
Like a festering wound left untreated.
The meta has been slowly degrading for a long time and the longer we wait to address it the more work balancing it will be and the more chance it will be fatal……:man_facepalming::boom:

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I’ve mentioned the decline in player base several times before:

It’s taken 2 years, which is 1 year off my original estimate. So I whiffed a bit on the numbers. Gold 1 is where the functional teams remain - those 1 player teams in Gold 4 does not a team make.

I don’t have any proposals for Atlas that I care to discuss. Too many people have too many ingrained perceptions that I’m not particularly inclined to argue anything out in the forums regarding Atlas. But Atlas needs a complete rework - new lands in the existing framework isn’t going to work.

Now about the regular game:

  • More variety - 4 PvP gets stale, especially when you run 2 PvP events a month. PG could save some development bandwidth and repurpose old code if the architecture is still compatible (and I doubt PG rewrote the game).
  • Reduce grind. The most successful long-terms games have this - PG has introduced some mechanisms to alleviate this when it comes to tower and dragon discounts, but PvP events feel less about strategy and more about the ability to grind out attacks.
  • Stop tying everything to sigils. For example, Dungeons are a nice change of pace, even if some people don’t like that followers don’t need to do anything.

In general, make the game more fun to play…for a lot of long-term players -the state of game boils down to grinding in the same events to earn sigils in an increasingly unappetizing rewards structure.


With around 21,000 players Plat4 is probably the bottom league these days.

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Not necessarily, level progression is lower levels is now so much faster than before so why linger in lower leagues?

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excellent I have the same question. I’m in Bronze failing to rebuild but the wars are really against 1-man teams. We win a couple wars then Boom! Gold2. This is an alt acct I created to hold the lead position on my team while my main was invited to Plat1. I had a full roster and lead them thru every league including silver…Right before we got Atlas my team made it to Gold1…Then we split up. My team TripleOGs had a lot of “bot accts”. All their names were/had Ember in it with numbers following (ember07351) and they never showed up in TC. We had multiple wars going on and the game Auto-kicked nearly half the team which caused us to loose all the wars. This sparked the break-up. We were demoted tremendously and I got an invite to a Plat1 team. I made this acct to lead the TrilpeOGs but with the arrival of Atlas this acct went inactive. What happens to your team when the last acct gets booted. I was looking forward to the Silver league because I only have 5 players all struggling to stay active but now we’re in Gold2 and we won the 2 open wars after the promotion so we’ll probably get promoted some more.