What happened to storage?

Was it just recently changed?
I didn’t even pay attention because It’s always been a 12-15 day upgrade for so long and then all the sudden says it’s like a 38 day upgrade? Wth?
Why such a big differnce? Did they just up the time or has it always been after a specific level it just jumps up almost 20 days it seemed like?

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Think that’s normal… goes to 42 days at some point… sux, ya?

Congratulations! You have levelled high enough to experience the pain of 42 day builds! :tada::confetti_ball:

Edit: happens from level 54 storage hut


Welcome to the all or nothing progression club


Yeah the build time skyrockets :see_no_evil:
Though somehow I have managed to have towers with longer build times than storage. Both are expensive :no_mouth:

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P.s. there’s currently 100 storage levels, prime example of why existential growth isn’t manageable

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It gets BETTER!!!

And by that I mean the exact opposite.

“Should be tell him about level 41?”

“What about it?”

Storage (or, the wall you just found)

Welcome to the club.


That’s just so stupid

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That’s brutal :nauseated_face:

I think the brutal part is that a “Legendary” 12-hour speedup drop is 7.5 days.

That and I can get 6 3-Minute Speedups in a bronze chest. 3600 minutes in a day.

Time is money…

Unless it’s PG, then just money is money.

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I would expect storage to have 1000000000000M HP for the upgrade time. Also the 52 days breeding castle, and incubator.

Jk. Or am i…

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I wasn’t expecting it at all!
I really thought it might have been a mistake or glitch something!
I checked thinking I accidentally upgraded the Forge or Research Hall lol

I could be wrong but I thought the last upgrade was seriously like 11-13 days and I didn’t even check the time! I was done with the event so thought hey mise well upgrade storage as the last upgrade then popped up like 37/38 days :joy:

Definitely wasn’t expecting it to be 20+ days longer in one level lol

Nevermind read it wrong yeah 2nd chart is what I just experienced :joy: Caught me off guard!

Screw a sapphire wall! Why is nobody talking about this storage hut wall? :tired_face:

I’ve seen people complaining about the insane storage hut build times that offer a pittance of more rss to store on the forums before. You just need to know where to look. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do that looking now :laughing:

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I don’t think that word means what you think it does.


The killer is how little storage protects! You still get about 10% protected which means nothing when your dragon or building needs near 100% capacity to upgrade.
Example: storage holds 1.5 M with 150K protected and your dragon/building needs 1.4 M to upgrade. Nearly impossible to upgrade without spending or relying heavily on your teammates.

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Exponential was the word he was searching for.

But it’s not entirely accurate here.

Starting at level 58 storage, you have to gain 3 levels for each new storage level. This jumps to seven levels per storage level at level 79 (77-78, three levels, 78-79, seven levels). This continues until level 100, which you must be level 400 to build. This is linear progression.

What about lumber costs?

Well, not sure what the hell you call this:

That is the progression though, it is cumulative, so it does make a pretty curve (more or less, but it’s not a regular progression).

Time… graphed that earlier.

Point is, for this particular building, the progression is irregular. Does it get stupid expensive? Yes. But it’s most definitely not exponential progression.

Based on how much “storage” you gain it’s totally whacked in my opinion.

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I was complaining about this in TC just the other day… I’m spending 1.2mil lumber for an extra 21.3k lumber/food storage… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It is totally whacked.

It should be an instant level (imo, everything on the home island, since it has no defensive value and 99% (should/usually does) = 5 flames, should be instant–like den is already).

Here’s a way to look at it. Time is gray, Lumber to upgrade is orange, capacity is blue (obviously orange has to lag slightly behind, or you would truly require 100% of storage to upgrade). It hits at storage level 54, and doesn’t let up.

(Time is in seconds–any other measure made time a flat line in comparison to storage amounts.)