What happened to the podcasts? 🎙

Is it over with?


One can only hope they are


It’s been tough to produce an entertaining program when you don’t really even enjoy what you’re talking about that much anymore.

I haven’t bothered posting on the forums much either. Seems like a waste since PG doesn’t listen anyway. Or they listen and do their own ideas, alienating the people that have supported their miserable product through the thick and thin of 5 years.

I want my 5 years back please.


Help me convince lx to keep talking on the podcast 2020 edition. And go


Honestly I don’t care what you guys talk about. War Dragons or not, y’all are hilarious and have a good dynamic. Please don’t give up. :slight_smile:


I second what Daedalus said. Just make a fun entertaining podcast talking about whatever and I will listen. The two of you bantering back and forth is great.


It would annoy Mike :sunglasses:


i totally understand where you are coming from and think it’s a shame pg doesn’t have more respect for their supporters. However the podcast you and kroth put out was definitely something I still very much looked forward too. I use to check daily for a new episodes and then listened while I enjoyed my morning coffee. Then I would usually bs with teammates about whatever the topic was for the week.
Like daedalus said you guys could bs about just about anything and it would be entertaining cause you both have a great back and forth and play off each other well. Although I will admit I always looked forward to any sort of glimpse into the enigma that is diamond league. I was really hoping to get to hear the king speak at some point.
I won’t try to convince you anymore other then to say… cmon😁


I don’t even play anymore (6 days on the wagon thus far), and I would still listen To the podcast!

But honestly, I can’t blame you guys for not wanting to talk about what the game has become…


Please come back u two. You brighten up my life listeningto the two of u banter back and forth
Doesnt meed to be about PG
They made it clear what’s important and its not us.

                 The Lx and Kroth Show

There’s a new one up today. Thanks everyone :facepunch:



Freaking sweet. You all just made my day😁
Running to let the team know before I tune in.
Ty ty ty

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Listening now…the “shop” up the street would give more satisfaction than your “chore” of WDs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::shushing_face:

Thank you!! I always like your podcasts.

What would annoy me?


Running out of toilet paper? People who type in all CAPS? Silent farts? Slow drivers in the left lane? Hair in your food?

I think that’s the unabridged list :sunglasses:


Fine don’t answer. I didn’t know me asking “why them doing a podcast would annoy me” was such a secret.

Come on Mike, you did make this comment

Now don’t be sad. I’m not taking sides … just being honest. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Ah, but it’s not their podcasts I’m against. I just think it would be beneficial if the players stopped paying this game tribute. The game isn’t worthy of any player created material to benefit the community.

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But that means the game will die quicker. We don’t want that. We want it to thrive. Grow and bloom like some kind of blooming thing that blooms.