What happened to the super sigil chests, so we could try to finish Fall season

Email stated that super sigil chests were replacing silver chests and that we would have the opportunity to get more of the Fall line dragons. I received no super sigil chests in place and then the Fall Dragons were gone. What is going on?

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@MotherHellfire as has been pretty clearly discussed the fall season ended and winter season has begun. Super sigil chests were in there to end the Fall season so people that so chose could buy them for sigils to close out the season. I feel like you’ve been on the forums frequently enough that you should have realized Fall season was ending and Winter starting. December 5th was given as an end date for about the past 3 months



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I completely understand that it is the winter season now. I am just asking what the big deal was about holding the chests and then giving them at the end of the event. I was under the impression that there may be higher amount of sigils in the chests, but got runes instead. This was my first full season playing and wanted some clarification. Some of my teammates were holding onto their sigils hoping that they would get more from the “Super Sigil Chest” and they could reach an evolution stone or whatever.

What are you talking about?

There were super sigil chests last 2 weeks of last season just past. Before that there was a week of runic chests but that was no where near the end of the season.

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You are so nice and informative. Thanks for your input.

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I believe your confusion may be caused by the fact that the super sigil chests replaced the silver chests for part of the last two weeks of the fall season. So you are now seeing your silver chests again because they are no longer being “hidden” by the super sigil chests.

I don’t even know how to hold onto super sigil chests? You open them with rubies. There is zero reason to save sigils into the next season they do not carry over. I feel for you but that’s been made pretty clear. Saving your sigils has nothing to do with sigil chests, either. Time to just move on to Winter.

Thank you, I did not realize you needed rubies to open.

you can get your 30 chests opened and have the Bonus chest sitting there on screen.
This will give you a chest based on the above logo, ie silver or runic or sigil.

I think a lot of confusion might be saved if they were able to display all four types of chests when they decide to give us the special types of chest. I doubt there would be as many posts in the foums asking what happened to the silver chests they should have gotten if they weren’t hidden whenever we get runic and super sigil chests.


Thank you for being the only person who answered my question without sarcastic comments. I just needed to understand how the super sigils worked. It was not only confusing for me but other teammates as well.

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