What happened today?

Hello …
Why were more than 150 Arab accounts excluded today?
Yes, there are non-Arab accounts too But what is surprising is the amount of Arab accounts?
We love this game and spent a lot of money, time and hard work on it.
Therefore, we hope that you will rethink your unfair practices.
All we want is to enjoy playing With a degree of respect and not to differentiate between the player and another, no matter how different.

Thank you.

Mate, i dont think they ban based on language or region. Do submit a ticket if you think they wrongly banned anyone.


it’s based on the cheating that they do. So if there’s 150 arab that got “panned” then we have 150 naughty arabs.

send a ticket and they’ll go through the ban appeal process.


This post is so so wrong. This has nothing to do with a sudden hate on Arabs.

To be crystal clear it doesn’t matter if you sold your house and bought value packs worth $100k if the very accounts did just one wrong move they are subject to a ban.

One time cheating no matter how small it is is enough.

Also I like to make clear that spending means buying ONLY ingame packs no third party packs.

Also account sharing will result in a ban. The argument „they did it bc I wasn’t able to do my war run otherwise“ is invalid.



Not even, PG made it clear they went after big time blatant cheaters for this round. The people who got banned did more than just one time something small.

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