What happens if i delete war dragons?

I have been playing wd for a year now. I want to take a break and skip whole winter season, because i got bored and it has dominated my life for a long time. So, i will delete this game at the end of this season. I have pocketid. So, this is possible right? If i download wd again, i can go on where i left off

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yes providing you have a pocket ID, just download the game and log in :slight_smile:


Do we know how long PG retain the data for old accounts?

e.g. If your account is left inactive for 12 months will it be deleted?


I started an alt more than 2 years ago played it for a monhs then left it, but could still logg on the forum with the info, so I think it is still there, but will try later if that is true :relaxed:
Yes, I checked last attack was 550 days ago :rofl: I even got several excuse packages from PG for server outages and so on :grinning:


4/5 physicians agree deleting War Dragons lowers your risk of high blood pressure, ulcers, heart attack, stroke, and seizure.

Also you’ll have money for Christmas presents for the kids.

This is what happens when you delete War Dragons.


Lol :joy:now that’s funny

Don’t forget the crates of phones you have to buy when the game crashes and you raged throw the phone across the room

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You could lose your name, but otherwise you should be fine.

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Lmao :joy: :joy: lets try and see then.

HAHAHAHAH nice jokes

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