What happens in wardragons?

What is happening in WD? There is no longer anyone legal? Is it possible to have those levels with those medals?
It seems that not only Hispanics are cheating…

It is possible if they have the mula. You can spend to breed, level and level your dragons, so it’s not unheard of to have higher levels with lower medal accounts. It’s usually how you can tell if someone is a spender.

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Not sure what you’re saying but since one is a former team mate, and another is a current, I’d like to know. 5.83M medals isn’t amazing. I’m 199 and have 62.7M

Ah, the opposite… Don’t know about spending. I’m a cheapskate. Probably should be careful tossing around cheating allegations

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There are different reasons for not having many medals with a high lvl. there are those who pay for everything, but also, if they always have the same base, including the same base xp. if we always attack the same base, there is little data medal. so someone who just does his runs xp, and plays few other bases get few medals.

As others have said typically it just means that player has spent a lot of money on the game. Players spending only a little will end up attacking more bases to level dragons and hunt for food/wood. Players spending thousands of dollars per month, get everything they need from gold chests so they will still attack some, but no where near as often as the players spending little or no money.

THe 400+ looks legit…so does the 177. The other 2 I’m not so sure…

Well the 108 is perfectly legit imo, I had about so many medal or less then and I am 136.

Note that I am not a regular flyer lately…

Months ago we had levels 60 with 15M medals, they were incredibly active, so there’s also the other way around, and so far I don’t think you can cheat with medals one way or another… :sunglasses:

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