What happens to the names of things

Does anyone know what happens when every player leaves a team, does the team still exist, and if it does, is it still possible to join? And if it doesn’t can a new team be made using the same name? I have a similar question about group chats, if everyone leaves a groupchat, can another group chat be made using the same name?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Group charts need unique names?


I never thought of that, thanks for helping answer 1 question. You wouldn’t happen to know any of the others, would you?

Sadly no :sweat_smile: though I think if the entire team leaves the team becomes no more. I remember reading a thread that had a post about a war that was cancelled (and all the medals used to declare it refunded) when every member on the team that’d been declared on had left the team, causing the team itself to disband. Sadly I’ve read so many posts that I forget what thread that was in lol.

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I found it, I didn’t know that could happen. So I’m guesing names aren’t permanently locked out if a team disbands, since the team doesn’t exist anymore.

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I believe team names are locked regardless of status. This is likely for historical purposes, but I do know of teams who disbanded and could not use their old names.

Perhaps there is a time limit.

Actually, if all members of a team leave and someone creates a “new team” with that name, the team will have the wiki of the old team.

Group chats are not limited-name. You can have a bunch of group chats with the same name. Once everyone leaves, the chat is gone.

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