What has happened to Geek website?

I was looking for https://www.wdgeeks.info/locations-and-infrastructure and unfortunately I’ve found that webpage wasn’t working anymore.
Does anyone have further info about it?

I can’t reach it either. Probably got taken down or something.


I think all the people running it have left the game for a while, so I suppose it just ran out at some point.

Anything specific you were looking for?

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Thanks for your reply.
There was a quite good manual for Atlas buildings and rules. Very good to share with new incharged.

I think it was something with the server shutting down, but I believe @forScience messaged Red about it and the website will be transferred


That would be really a great idea!

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Yeah, it’s pending transfer to me, though I’m not sure about keeping it running, as Red was driving it off of money from twitch. It was driven on wix premium for the custom domain/no ads and such.

In the meantime, you can look at some of it via https://web.archive.org/web/20201031033054/https://www.wdgeeks.info/ with the spreadsheets now being part of the spreadsheet vault.

Of the people we’d started with, Red, mechengg, and Nighean no longer play and haven’t for a long time now :sob:


Thank you, I’ll get a look into it. Thanks for yr great job in keeping knowledge available for all.


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