What if new mythic dragons were flexible?

I have had this thought for a while - but what if new dragons were more flexible.

PG give us the shell with the spells but then we set it up to play it how we want.

In this scenario we are given Aerow with his current spells but he doesn’t yet have a class or an attack type.

Once a player gets aerow they can then customize him.

Choose your class!

Hunter Class 30% damage increase, 30% less hp and 25% flight speed increase. 2% damage boost per tower destroyed (accumulative to 20%)

Warrior Class - 10% resistance to all damage, 40% hp increase and 1% hp regen per tower destroyed.

Sorcerer Class - Always starts with full rage, 10% chance to dodge a damaging attack. Normal flight speed. 20% faster rage regeneration.

Invoker Class - remove.

So hunter base class is a faster glass cannon.

Warrior can brawl through bases but is a bit slower

Sorcerer is a great follow up dragon if you were rage drained

Choose your attacking style

Tap - Fast burst damage but requires ammo to refill ( i.e. current hunter attack - may need + 1 ammo every 50 levels )

Drag - drag finger to cause damage ( i.e. warrior ) single target breath damage ( this would need to be boosted perhaps a % based on level - L135 might be 400% for example with level 1 being 100% )

Swipe - swipe finger on screen , can hit 1-5 towers but damage is equally split ( i.e sorc but modified probably also needs a small damage buff )

So maybe you like dragging your finger warrior style but you want to pair that up with hunter dps.

Or maybe you like old school hunter tapping but you don’t have good timing and need the warrior durability.

Or maybe you like playing exactly the way you do now so you can just build the core standard classes.

Anyway just a thought it might be more interesting if PG give us the sports car shell and we pick the engine and wheels to match our own unique playstyles.

Would need a ridiculous amount of testing… lol. And no one will ever read this anyway so it’s more a cure for my boredom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No idea what to do about riders or runes :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it!

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They cant even pull off changes to an event without breaking things, there’s no chance they could pull something like this off.

A hunter’s spell set isn’t going to work well for a warrior or sorcerer. Because of the way they’ve allowed things to get, each class needs a different type of rather limited spell set that’s not going to work great for other classes. So either you’re going to end up with several OP af dragons or a bunch of really useless ones.

lol, this is PG we’re talking about.

I’d rather just see them actually put more time and effort into the mythics we have. We don’t need gimmicks or anything fancy, just 2 dragons that work. They’ve shown that they can do it but they actually have to try.


It’s the concept.


Which I find most enjoyable, it strokes the curiosity and mind.


Its a good point spells may not work well with the playstyle.

In my head the attacks are more a choice between burst (hunter) , sustained (warrior) or aoe (sorc)

I think many spells would gel but some won’t.

Most of the spells are just about all comingled anyway aren’t they? ( We have seen all classes with shields, summon warrior and aoe )

I’m not sure the spells are a deal breaker. But they could be :slight_smile:

Hey remember when evolution dragons existed, and going into uncharted territories was cool?

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It’s better than saying this, favoritism because forced power scale difference, because too many people say that Hunters are the superior class because hey they can most often survive triple defended bases like how some Invokers can like I got Naja and her spell set was just a big of pile of crap cause it makes the player literally feel untouchable until rage is dead or your rage drained despite having a cloak found that thing slow and repetitive and the power dynamic was just the same old same old.

Overall I like the idea of being able to pick a dragon then decide on which class you want it to be but that’ll be like changing a model and adding 3 additional models for a dragon which will possibly cause troubles on PG’s end cause that’s a lot of money to waste on a simple idea. This idea might actually cause problems but it’s at least I decent enough thought on how to change up the feel and basic choice this dragon and it’s only one class. It probably will increase thinking on which dragon class they want to use vs just one class.

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Honestly I’d just want 2 mythics that both function well and then let us pick the element

I mean, a warrior with ammo refill and a spam cloak going to be pretty worthless. A hunter with +300% to 400% breath damage is going to be nuts but a hunter with long warrior cooldowns is probably going to be worthless.

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You are going to hurt chunks feelings he loves his Cloak!

Maybe they need to get their dragon designer back - the guy that retired a few seasons ago.

I feel like he had a decent handle on what the classes needed.

I kinda feel like the dragon designers need to be playing at a competitive level to understand what the kits need.

Take Reyze - his single target breath damage is way too weak. People still starting with Nock. I would argue that Kin and Jaal from 2 seasons ago are more viable which is just wrong.

Aerow is ok but he’s called the “super sonic” captain. If you need to rewind or bombard a few times hes slower than a normal dragon and a subsonic captain.

2 mythics and neither very appealing :frowning:

Given the costs increased why are the mythics getting worse lol.

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Now this I can agree on 100%. They’re certainly not giving us anything to justify the cost increases

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Unacceptable :triumph:

On a serious note, dragon spell kit are tied heavily to their class, thus it’s not really applicable

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The first invokers were super fun but I havent seen a decent one for some time now :frowning:

I think that PG don’t have enough ideas to run 3 classes never mind 4.

Sure some spells are. ( as per ZDG example above ) but lots have been comingled now.

We have warriors with summon minions, death gaze and cloak.

Warriors and hunters with AOE.

Hunters with shields, AOE and summoned minions.

Sorcerers with death gaze etc.

Compared to the original class default kits most classes have now shared most of the spells.

Anyway PG will never do this - it was more a bit of fun to think outside of the box in the context where everything now feels recycled.

Looking at Ikkuma and Morak :roll_eyes:

Yes, on the mixed family, no to the balance (and I said kit, which means the whole 4 spells, not per spell).

They’re balanced with class difference in mind.


Decent mythic one for some time.

And admit my vision is impaired by how fun some of the original ones were.

Morak was 2019 by recent I was more meaning in the past 12 months

Ikaros was a monster hitting defended, so is the latest steelwing, they are slow but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.


It’s a fun concept but as things are now you can’t really mix and match class spells. Warriors need huge damage steroids to be viable but give that to a hunter and things get problematic.

I like the idea here as a concept but I think the state of the game needs a dramatic shift first.

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Honestly, I saw some really fast Ikaros flights lol

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True, I am like it wasn’t that slow, but most people say it was.:joy:


Damn it you guys are going to make me unkill Invokers after I already murderized them :stuck_out_tongue: