What if pg did like a hard reset instead of new tires

Like what if they let you keep your metals and pics made dragons like legacy dragons they would still be there just no as strong and came out with new class dragons for each tier

where do the tires come into whatever this is?

Misspelling of “tiers”

Nope hard reset everything back to lvl suck

Like, set everyone back to red tier?

I’d quit.


Yeah just let you keep metals and pics to show accomplishments

Me too. :roll_eyes: I’m just trying to see what the OP is even suggesting since it is pretty vague so far.

Okay, well in that case, hell no, please stop.


My instinctual response is:

Duck no!

*Not an actual :duck:


maybe make an alt if you want to start at red tier then.


Why it could be good for so many a new reason to grind instead of new tires drop and 2 weeks later bigs have every dragon and nothing to breed and lvl 375s with under 200mil defense would get a chance to weigh there shitty ass bases

Because people have paid exorbitant amounts of money as well as time to get to end game, and you expect them to be willing to spend it all again? As an E2P player who has spent almost 2 years to get to obsidian, the idea of losing all that progress and time just fills me with despair.

Edit: With how useless and outdated red-harbinger tier dragons are, why would anyone be motivated to move through them all again? The whole driving point of the game is the perpetual grind to be at end-game.

I’ve worked for over 3 years to get where I’m at in the game. If my account were ever reset, I’d walk away. There’s no way I’d invest the time to start over from scratch.


I have seen it happen in other games and it worked out and honestly there really isn’t an end game as soon as new top lvl is created in a few weeks time a new 1s need to make the game progress so there really isn’t an end game

Glassdoor.com says $62.50 an hour base salary. I put around 40 hours a week into the game. I’ve played 14 months. I’m gonna need a check for $140,000 US dollars if my account is reset to Red. Nope.


Easily the worst suggestion that I have ever seen :expressionless:


If you want to do new game plus as a way of extending the game, i think you have to have a plus. And probably an endpoint you get to before restarting and a developing set of features for replays. It’s a move for a whole different type of game.

If you’re talking one time reset, i think it would be deadly. There are parts of the game you only get through because you’re hoping something new and better is coming. I have an alt or two and they are bottled depression. Trying to play them even occasionally makes me not want to play at all.

This is probably true of atlas but in a different way - if we want to reset atlas, it shouldn’t be total, teams should take something away from all their efforts, else why will they invest in anything? But land rushes are kind of fun, it’s the long aftermath that becomes stale or depressing.


Yes, there is. Anyone with Empyrean dragons is at end-game. Perhaps not the optimal end-game, but they still are end-game.

Anyway, the point of War Dragons really isn’t being end-game. I’ve heard from people who have everything that it’s very boring up there. The fun comes with progression, with growing stronger with the end just out of reach but somewhat tangible. End-game players often find themselves missing that drive to be better when they are already the best. Still, that doesn’t mean they want to have it all taken away from them lmao.


I get that you’re trying to make a major catchup mechanic, but the community we have would just leave. At the moment, when teams disband that players have been in forever, many leave them. If you took not just their team but everything away from them…especially bases which many have poured tens of thousands of dollars on…yeah no.