What if we got back previous seasons

All the new seasons are great but what if we got back the old ones from time to time and it randomize the old and new seasons. That way we aren’t stuck with orange tier gilas. And we could get them progressively better and higher level so say if you had gilas orange tier you could get gilas to gold tier and so on so forth. It just would be something great to add to the game

So…. Something like the resurrection branch? I might not be understanding what you’re trying to say here.


No i mean like the whole sun scorch season dragons and all

I doubt PG will repeat an entire season as some players probably have claimed most, if not all, branches during that season.


Ik it would just open up more operations for the newbies

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That’s just what you have to go through as newer players tho. All of us had to go through it. If they came back with past seasons as a whole, I would not have the lower tiered festive dragons I would be using in assault, TR and Dungeons.

Plus, it would not to be fair for the people spending alot of time, effort and to even some, money to get the dragons.


Plus, PG now have came out with the festive dragons with the shards you can get through draconic chests is kinda like the same concept you were talking about.

If you open draconics you’d still be getting shards from dragons 4 seasons ago.

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Maybe they could add a prize at the end of each branch so it unlock different dragons and no i am no talking about the ones like stealwing i mean like a completely hidden branch or two

If you want to unlock full branches, join an active team that can help you out. :woman_shrugging:

And ik why do you think shard dragons are my favorite. Sometimes i wish i had more time to try and get dragons like stealwing

There’s still enough time to get Steelwing.

That is if you’re ready to spend, in case you don’t have enough rss to get her. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Just no. Resurrection dragons are bad enough, we dont need Resurrection seasons. While Sunscorch was a fantastic season, I hated the artwork. It is also doubtful about how viable the dragons would be and the riders are rather outdated. I joke about resurrecting Gig but in all honesty Gig probably would not be viable as a solo dragon anymore even at max tier because he has no way to deal with Orrerys and his damage boost would be too weak. We do not need an entire season of outdated dragons and riders.

One sure way to drive people off would be to start literally repeating seasons. New players do not need old dragons, the only one that would do anything for them to have would be Krelos



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It would make it so as they add new tiers you could still using your favorite dragons but have them up to tier

Yeah, we already have that with resurrection dragons. They’re still garbage even with more stones. Most of these past dragons are not designed to deal with current meta bases. Repeating a season is just a really, really bad idea. Why would I open all those chests and spend all that work just to get dragons I already have which most likely wont be viable with their old spell sets?


Honestly, instead of resurrecting old divines, why don’t they just convert old divines to lineage x years after they were initially released and update them to the current tier, with the old spells.

That way, new(er) players would have a LOT of new dragons that they could use for MANY levels and tiers, and I wouldn’t have the same 3 dragons in my roster for months at a time.

And for the record, I was strongly against bringing back past divines 2-3 years ago. Still am. But PG opened that septic tank, now they get to deal with the sewage that flows out of it……


Instead you would have the same 3 dragons in there for years… If all old divines were still at max level you’d just keep using the best 3 of them, except when a new divine happens to be better (in which case you’d still be having the same dragons for months).

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This is taking recycled content to an extreme level.

Never say never… PG said that they will never bring back old content, and yet we have resurrection dragons and champion riders
“eVeRyThInG iS sUbJeCt tO cHaNgE”