What is 312 up to? 😭

I haven’t tried Ember 1 on it but I’m thinking his heal time will be in minutes and not seconds. :sob:

He’s a 48 lol with old name

What do you mean?

I just ran it… Heal time was 20 seconds. Then again, my ember has 2 common rage runes and a rare one :laughing:

If you had the old name SangLeeYoohoo (or whatever it was) bookmarked, it now shows up as a lvl 48 base. I deleted that particular bookmark.

I see, just loaded more rage glyphs on Ember. Thanks.

I runed mine up because it lets me run the PGKissmyASS base close to the speed I used to run it at before she moved the farms and mills on a lot of the farther out islands :blush:

Kiss is a dude. Funny that he said people keep thinking he’s a gal. :grin:

Edit: Here is a link of an interview he did with Allie. https://www.wardragons.info/celebrityvacations/an-interview-with-pgkissmyass

:scream: I thought he was a girl mostly cause of the avatar choice :disappointed_relieved:

No worries. He’s a riot. Sometimes I like to scroll in XPfarmsLooseX1 Team Chat to read his quips. :heart_eyes::rofl::rofl:

You’re in that team? with which account? This one, or the other one (I think it was bubba?)

CHESTbase. Bubba was the CHESTbase before but I took him out to grow to 80 for the farm … we were getting lots of sad mail from players who outgrew CHESTbase. But PGkissmyASS is there so Bubba’s no longer needed. Kiss is awesome, I’m glad he came on board. :heartbeat::heartbeat:

I agree that his base is awesome. great for running for chests while grinding egg missions with ember :laughing:

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It is probably just me but i can’t seem to 100% PGKissmyAss since the change of layout. I know i don’t need 100% but well… :man_shrugging:
Any tips?

Why would anyone run this base now when Evas is available?

I never tried to use him as an xp base. It’s always been Ember for chest hunting. Sorry. :grimacing:

What is Evas?

I only use him for chest hunting also. Just i let my high level team mates back my run for xp (as my ember has a 4min cooldown anyway)

It’s pretty straightforward; general approach:

  1. Use your normal attack to take out the totem
  2. You can use the farms to build up as much rage as you want
  3. I’m guessing you’re struggling with the last island. You need 4+ rage going into it:
    a) first shot kills the dark flak
    b) second shot kills the two towers on the right in the next row; it’s easy to do once you’ve built up the muscle memory
    c) third shot kills the tower on the left, fourth takes out the fire flak, fifth is for the ice turret, sixth is for the farm (you’ll be past it by the time you use this), and if you saved enough rage, you can whack the last monument as you’re sailing toward the castle.
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Right forgot about the death gaze hitting two towers.
Thanks Tinsir