What is a ghaum

Currently I am in Gold 1 Angry Ghaums.
My question is what is a ghaum

I know that some of the sub-subleagues are named after in-game dragons—ex. Habrok, Slynx.
But I have no idea what Ghaum is. :t_rex:

Maybe it’s the foreign name of one of the dragons? They get different names in different languages.

I googled war dragons ghaum and got nothing. Tried just ghaum and got French websites :woman_shrugging:

It’s the original name for Slynx. :smile:


Oooh! Where’d ya learn that? :t_rex:

How do you always know stuff :woman_shrugging:

The egg is still called a ghaumEgg on the back end. :rofl:


Omg, that’s awesome. I love weird hidden stuff like that. :t_rex:

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Thanks :pray:

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