What is a Pirate Team? 🕵️‍♀️

  • Pirate Teams - We want to be intentional about having good teams in Atlas that are engaging in the core systems in a non-degenerate way. Expect a purge of inactive teams.

Sooo I saw a thread mentioning the above. Can someone define what it is so I can make sure that my team doesn’t get stripped of Atlas? :flushed:


Teams that dont hold castles and snipe other team’s castles so that team cant retaliate since the pirate team doesnt hold any castles to hit.

It’s a tad ridiculous for them to condemn pirate teams when every atlas change they make only further encourages being a pirate team. If you dont participate in the politics of atlas and kiss the asses of the mega alliances then there is very little hope of holding castles and thus being a pirate team is your primary way to obtain glory. You’ll never stop pirate teams until you kill the mega alliances.


So if we don’t hold castles, we shouldn’t hit castles? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s apparently what some crybabies believe. Yet then many of those same teams snipe castles and then hide behind their mega alliance to protect them if you try to retaliate by calling in sapphire and diamond teams to protect them.


Hmm, I’ll need to think on this. Holding a castle is too much of a hassle …


It often is. I’ve been on teams with and without them and honestly not having to worry about a castle or atlas politics was much more enjoyable. Especially if your team is lower on the alliance ladder. I was asked if I wanted to be part of my team’s atlas management and be involved in the politics and I just laughed and said hell no. I’d probably quit if I actually had to deal with that crap. Just tell me where to be and who to hit, that’s as far as Im willing to be involved in it.

I get that they never intended for pirate teams and they wanted teams to be holding and attacking castles but that’s not the type of environment they’ve created. Addressing “pirate teams” without first addressing the bigger issues of atlas is like trying to repaint your living room while your house is on fire and collapsing.


you very much should.

one of the reasons why i keep a few within reach.

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I believe the definition of pirate teams is actually teams that are consistently not full, and accept temporary members in order for them to get around team power rank impact on glory.

These teams are characterised by high turnover, no castles and are typically also on auto accept although there are a number of these that are on review only as they are used by particular teams only.

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Just remove safe zones :joy:

Oh you wanna be a Pirate eh?
Then open up the waters and let’s hunt!


nvm I was tired

Work for what? What does that improve or solve?

Pretty sure it’s focused on those extremely low ranked teams which have zero castles, are more empty than full, and diamond players like to temporarily join to get 100% glory vs teams who can’t possibly defend them self. (Often using inactivity periods)

I doubt you need to worry about this if you have a (mostly) full team, or aren’t stacked (temporarily or otherwise) with players well above your ranking.

I’d go as far as to say if the criteria got a legit team and it was brought up to support they would alter the criteria. It’s likely using extremely safe parameters so as to remove the well known abusers.

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What exactly does this mean? I have some high leveled friends on my team, does that mean we are stacked?

If you have many diamond quality players on your gold team and are also missing like 20 players from being full…

(Not implying your are on gold but that the scenario I’m describing often involves gold teams)

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As far as i see , teams without castle are mostly less active , if we join in a pirate team , i agree we can get better glory , but at the same time we have to loose egg tokens , xp bonus , gold bonus , low troop training time ,
And because of less active team , we have to sacrifice main game team rewards too … :thinking::thinking::thinking:

A team that says “Arrrr” a lot.


I’m not going to explain how, but this isn’t correct. Most (probably not all) do it in such a way that they don’t miss any benefits.

The reason pirate teams are often mostly empty is because most of the players only join for a short bit and leave.

In an ideal world the trade off you mentioned would be real, and it would be substantial enough nobody would ever make a choice to go without their rewards.

But the game has many less than ideal situations like this. Hopefully over time they all make incremental improvements for the better.

I personally utilize a well known pirate team for a few of my alts to get invader runs when they aren’t needed elsewhere. The battle reports are extremely telling as to what’s going on with the players who join.

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I hereby nominate this as quote of the year for 2019. Can I get a second?

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One team change per month would do the trick

This and make direct flight to every castle. No hiding for anyone!