What is Atlas - for those who don't have access

there are many discussions about different features and problems with Atlas, the lower leagues as far as i understand don’t have access to it anyway but i just would like to know what the hell it is… couldn’t find anything on it anywhere.


Read this. BTW the search function is your friend and there’s like a whole section of the forum dedicated to Atlas…


search function is great and there is a whole section on atlas… just one small problem - all the discussions are about certain parts or functions or bugs by people who know what atlas is… no explanation for the beginners…

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Read through the tread that Grumpybigbird posted. I don’t have access to Atlas yet, but the early posts on that thread really help to give me a sense of what the gameplay is like.

There’s also YM’s getting started guide.

Otherwise, there’s the Atlas announcement on the blog and the original beta release here for history.

Think of it as a combination of Risk and various other territory-claiming games, just that it’s very team-based. A single member messing up can mess things up for the rest of the team.


thank you, the title with the Dorothy is a bit confusing but that’s exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

thank you, that’s also very helpful…

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