What is going on with Atlas?

This is getting old real quick. I’m LIVE looking at the Atlas page when I see a defense banner. Go to trap the attacker (which hasn’t even populated on my screen yet) but I couldn’t move my Prim. I can’t move over one island. Tried that about 10 times with no success. So I get out of Atlas and can’t get back in. It finally worked by the time the attacks were over.

This is crap. This has been doing this all week since the “update” to “fix” Atlas.

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Its the “new normal”

yes this happens at the most unfortunate times as well…like in the middle of an attack or defense…then u lose ur troops.

Yeah, it was actually much better before they “fixed it”…

Tomorrow a new pack called “Atlas Access Guarantee” will come out costing $100 per minute’s access to Atlas…

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Submitted a ticket for the same thing yesterday, and got the usual response ‘uninstall the game and reinstall’. Not sure why I bother with a ticket anymore, same old same old.

Wait what…? There was a “fix”?

In a room far far away

P1: Guys we added 200 teams to atlas and now everyone is complaining of loading screen lag and initialization lag in atlas

P2: Hold my beer. (Furious coding for 5 mins). Done deploy the fix

A short while later

P1: well I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that everyone that can load atlas does so much quicker, sort of like before we added teams. The bad news is we have roughly 10 000 players that cant load atlas they get a popup error or randomly get kicked

P2: you are welcome


P1: what do we tell these ppl?

P2: that the team is investigating lol



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