What is going on with max xp lately?

I can attack the same base at my level and I can get max xp as low as 56% but then sometimes need 80%?
Never had this issue before, xp also varies for the exact same percentage.

mage towers and farms dont give xp. so you can leave those standing to get max xp from the base. vice versa if you leave battle towers on the base that would have the same amount of % as the mage and farms you get considerably less xp.



@DreadedSloth hit it. For some reason, it is ingrained into a lot of players I have talked to that 70% = max xp (either for that base or your max XP - the lower value). I think maybe they’re stuck on the ‘Victory’ percentage, but I dunno.

I’m low enough level (155) that I get max xp from the 312 base when I only kill 40% of it (at least I think that’s about the percentage I need to kill. It may be slightly lower than that).

My alt account is low enough to get max xp from just killing 3 towers of the 299 xp base. That’s less than an 8% of the base’s hp.

You certainly don’t need victory to get max xp if you are hitting a hard enough base.

I personally prefer hitting xp bases when trying to train my dragons. You’re a lot more likely to get the max xp you are shooting for. When flying on non-xp bases that give me my max, it’s a lot tougher to kill enough with one dragon to maximize the xp. (Especially when pesky defenders decide to show up.)

I’ve never really encountered that before until now. Perhaps it’s because I need a larger percentage of the 299 that I notice it now. Still never noticed it on other xp bases prior to this. Whatever now that I know, I skip the farms so I can accurately judge how much I need. 312 I think I need in the 56ish% range. I’m level 162

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