What is my true base defense now?

After the update and obvious weakening of towers there is no way my base defense is the same as before

Why can’t defend myself, this update doesn’t let me defend myself, why?

Perhaps because the attacker hasn’t updated yet.

That would have to be reversed because it is not fair to lose the resources being that close to the event. It would have to be this way: who did not update, had to be able to attack until the update was done.

Thanks for the clarification

With the changes you have little chance to stop anyone even if you join.

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This took my question off topic (which is fine) but please fix the numbers to reflect the true defense stats. I bet they are much lower than what is presented

I am having the same problem! With a war starting in a little less than 9 hrs, it worries me. I had read on a different thread that they would block all old versions of the game to ensure these problems would be avoided…obviously wasn’t…

No.you will be forced to update prior to war start. Everyone will have the same version for war

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Good to hear!! Thanks!!

I agree with you, It was very badly planned this new update, since who is updated is being harmed.

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