What is next event

What is next event does anybody know

Oh, it is Sunday. Was wondering when another one of these would pop up…
No one will know until tomorrow afternoon/evening, at the earliest. Anyone that tells you different, is full of :poop:


Most likely fortification. It will be announced on Monday on social channels/here and eventually in-game. For future reference, if you use the search function you’ll get your answer without having to ask.


Ok tq guys

Fort or feeding. Most likely fort

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Creator’s Faction members will announce around 11am EST tomorrow :blush:


The one where PG asks you to bend over and take it while they rob you blind… I know that doesn’t narrow it down much does it?


Of course it’s Fortification! Fort is all it can be lol

Definitely not feeding. Feeding forever now has only been taking the place of a PVP event and had either been before or after breeding.

The best way to be prepared is:

  1. Use egg tokens during breeding
  2. Don’t use speed ups when it is not Fort event
  3. Always count 21 days from the last Fort event if ever you will be upgrading a tower to be safe that you will have a builder for the next fortification event.
  4. Always count 21 days from the last breeding event so that you will know that you have the parents for the next tiered dragon/s you need.

#3 & #4 are approximate, but it is the safest allowable timeline for breeding and fortification.

You can dispute it. But I had been doing that way since the start I began to notice the cycle of events.


The last couple of feed events have been before breeding events so that being said could it be feeding? :thinking:

Its feeding:rofl:

That’s incorrect, the last couple of feed events have been after feeding.

Yea that :point_up_2:

its in no way feeding. guaranteed!

its 99.99% fort.

feeding is once a season we already had


It’s Fortification

Not really bad, even if I hoped to be feeding. :roll_eyes:

There’s usually just 1 feed event per season, or they are very spaced out. That being said, it should appear soon after the new Spring season begins.

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Easiest way to get an early idea is look at the packs that are for sale. If they have wood packs, it’s a building event


During the event two weeks ago, I received a bunch of food and xp potions (opening bronze / gold chest). So I thought it might be feeding soon.
Also, this event came with a bunch of speedups.

Breeding always drops xp potions and food…

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