What is the benefit to "choke points"? Any opinions from high level players?

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While I am a newer player, I’m not naïve. I understand that choke points in the game do encourage some people to spend money which is likely a huge reason they exist.

However, I do want to say that these greatly reduce the enjoyment of the game for me and I am curious what other people think about this. As a level 290, I have been keeping my storage hut leveled up enough to support my towers. Then all of a sudden, when I want to start breeding Harbinger, I find out my storage hut needs to support about 700,000 more wood which is about 30 more levels on my storage hut. Even with my research, this is almost 1,000 days in speedups. Yes, I understand there are lines with great timer counts in them. Yes, I know that this will likely only set me back a month in progression, but it is very discouraging that the game is set up this way. I was honestly enjoying the game a lot as a newer player, excited to breed Harbinger and do some serious upgrades to my base next Fort. Now breeding will have to wait, and I will have to empty all timers onto storage hut. Seems like a completely unnecessary choke point only placed in the game to encourage people to spend. It doesn’t bring any value or fun whatsoever to the game, but rather, makes the next month very boring to play. I’m sure the high level players are sitting back like, “dude you have no idea how much worse the choke points get in this game.” which I’m sure is true. I am not looking forward to that… any thoughts?


You’re running into this issue partially because while defensive towers are discounted, non-defensive towers aren’t. I would reckon that because of the building discount, players who aren’t paying attention are 20 levels behind on their storage, as opposed to, let’s say, 10 levels behind.

They removed storage huts requirement after Abyssal, so there’s that. In the meantime, just do the best you can. And I say this as a team officer that gets this issue everyday from our team’s players.


Right, I appreciate the explanation. I think most newer players would not see that coming which is unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the game, I just wish progression was a bit more smooth. Not saying it should be be easy or quick to get to level 600, just make sense and be intuitive for newer players.

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Good luck! For your reference:

87 - Vanguard
93 - Empyrean
98 - Abyssal

Keep in mind that the required storage hut needs to be finished before the incubator can be upgraded.


The discounts are making the progression janky at some points, as you found out. Pre-discount, defensive towers forced you to upgrade the storage towers at a somewhat linear pace (Harbinger was still the biggest jump). This also carried across to breeding. They reduced the dragons required breeding levels so at certain points, you can hatch a dragon even if you technically don’t have the Dragons Dens hut required for it to be level 1. This means that if you kept your Den level at the bare minimum, you would run across the same issue. This doesn’t happen for most people as Den takes 0 timers to upgrade.

I don’t think PG will go back and fix it. I just ended up making a spreadsheet for my team to keep track of it.


Glad to hear you are new and liking the game! :slight_smile:

It is important to note that a lot of these choke points are not planned to be choke points now, they are artefacts of when the game was younger. Discounts and player level XP smoothing have helped but haven’t eliminated them completely.

I agree that they are jarring at times and do stilt development. An extra month on a 2+ year journey to get to current end game levels is a month more than players reasonably want to commit to. Hopefully the team have some scope to help with that aspect of player experience. We need and want more “new blood” in the game.


Only speaking for myself here, but as a fairly high level, the choke points for us are just the timers when you are maintaining 15+ max towers. Which isn’t too difficult.

You are probably at a worse choke point than we are.


This „choke Point“ is i think due to Game history. Back in time there was something Called the 300 wall. And u needed to be lvl 340 to breed harbinger ( if i remember Right). At one time PG bust the wall and rescale the breeding path from one day to the Other the required Level for harbinger wenn down to Level 280 but the Wood amount for breeding Hut didn t change. So back in time u Had 60 More level time to upgrade ur Storage now its a Trap for all News Player. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I appreciate the insights from everybody. I’m definitely just going to suck it up and deal with it for the next month to get past it, but I could see how some newer players wouldn’t want to push through and would get discouraged. For example, it would be fun for me to go after a dragon, but I’ll just be spending all sigils on the tower line to get timers and moved past this. Not fun, but necessary to get back on track 🤷