What is the countdown for?

I couldn’t find any topic about this mystery countdown next to the atlas button, nor any countdown inside atlas matches it. So what is the meaning of this:

that’s when you next batch of troops finish

This message will explode in…


That’s a long time to take to read your message…

times dont match though

Ooooo… I want exploding troops! Pick me!

It’s total troop build que time remaining

If thats the case then the shit is broken

It wasn’t me :joy:

@pgEcho @PGCoffee can y’all confirm/deny that the timer is for troop training? And possibility mine is broken?? Seriously…

It’s is for troop training, it only displays when you have troops in the recruit queue. Just finish your troops and it will go away.

OP is right the numbers don’t add up.


Interesting. Mine are correct…

Hmm just checked mine and its correct. When I looked before it was way off. I had 3 10hr builds going and it showed 20h. Probably just didn’t update in time.

Mine show the correct time after a game reset.


PG is on the same time zone as me :blush:

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