What is the current situation with Fight Pits?

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So now that we know there isn’t a community manager to ask about this, I wanted to bring this to your attention and ask if you could look into it for us.

The Situation:
So previously the PVP events were predictable for us, following the pattern of Crystal Caves, Fight Pits, Team Gauntlet and Temple Raid. Last season week 12 (may 18th) should have been Fight Pits but instead it was replaced with Team Gauntlet. The reasoning stated was that some changes to Fight Pits were being made and FP would be delayed until week 3 of this current summer season with those changes.

But the FP on week 3 had no changes. So at this point now the PVP cycle had been changed (which also happened again week 5 of this season when we got TG instead of CC and CC moved to week 7)

So for PvPs we had:

Week 12: Team Gauntlet (instead of FP)
Week 1: Temple Raid
Week 3: Fight Pits (no changes)
Week 5: Team Gauntlet
Week 7: Crystal Caves
Week 9: Temple Raid
Week 11: Crystal Caves (again) :expressionless:

So this week (week 11) should have been Fight Pits but instead we are getting Crystal Caves again. We have not heard anything about what is going on with Fight Pits. Is it being removed from the rotation? Will it be happening this season (week 13)? Are we going to get stuck with it during the discount period of the Fall season (week 2)? Why did we get Crystal Caves again this week instead of at least Gauntlet when we just had CC a month ago. People already find the event cycles extremely repetitive and boring but getting the same pvp again that we just had a month ago is really not enjoyable.

If you guys are going to get rid of FP then great, but we would like to know what is happening with it so we can prepare. FP is the worst event we have so we need to be able to manage our sigils around when it falls, which is also why we would like for the event cycle to get back to being predictable again. If FP is not going away then we really dont want to see it be the first pvp of Fall and week 13 would be an ideal time to run it, updated or not.

So could one of you please ask what is happening with this event? Also while you’re at it could one of you ask if we’re having Dungeons this season? Normally for summer we would have had it week 8
Thank you.


If they get rid of FP then are they working on a new pvp? Thats also a question some might have.
Could they bring back older events with a few changes? Like tug of war and capture the flag? Bring them back but modernize them, seeing that both events have been retired for like 4 years so there room to make those better.
If they make a new pvp, will we find out about it or will it be a “surpise! Heres a new event that starts today!” Type of deal?


I read this as monetize. :see_no_evil:


Would love to see King of the Hill returned. (Minus barricades and seige weapons in packs)

Would also love to see Kingdom wars returned (perhaps done with a half time map reset and double the hexes.)

Atlas politics sucked of course but could get creative like pre determined 5 team mini alliances with some side quests to hit other mini alliances.

While it was hated it had some potential as something different from the other events.

Hope they do make FP better.

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Absolutely not KW. It was even worse than Pits.


I hope get an answer about why the cadence has changed again.

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I understand this is far, FAR secondary to the cadence of pvp’s and how that impacts people’s overall season; but I would also assume that many players plan how/when to open their silvers based on the event and which runes/glyphs they need. If FP goes away I would hope for some indication of what can be expcted for the runes/glyphs that would have been available during that event and if they are going to be moved to another existing event or the possible new one?


Those are the same event and they’re nearly the exact same event as FP except with little flags instead of arenas. Idk why people ask to get rid of FP and then want CtF back

This I think would be their best bet. Remake KotH but with more modernized code. They already have the concept and rules ready to use. Keep the raid and bonus meter and change how barricades work

KW can stay dead, it was a terrible event even before they destroyed it with defender dragons


So right now, there are no plans to remove Fight Pits. In fact, our team is in the middle of updating Fight Pits, which we’re hoping to release some time next month. But if the team needs some extra time with these updates for Fight Pits in Sept, I’ll let them know that we shouldn’t sub it out for another event, and instead keep it as is to maintain the schedule that everyone’s used to.

And of course, as soon as I have info on the updates to this event, I’ll share them with CF and let you all know.


Thank you for the reply, it is very much appreciated

So then that means that FP should be the last pvp this season, update or not update, and not the first pvp of fall?

Can you tell us at all what is being looked at to update about the event? Are we talking about prizing changes or changes to the actual event itself? Are we talking about small tweeks or actual significant changes to how the event works?


The way they had it was bad but it could of been decent :slight_smile:

All iterations of it were horrid. That’s my professional unpaid opinion lol


In my opinon the issues were -

  1. Teams on the outside had it easier than the teams in the middle.

  2. Mega alliances meant you could be shafted if you were in the wrong area.

  3. The top teams tended to dominate everyone else

  4. Small map which made things feel unrewarding.

But on the pros this was the one event that had some strategy where events over the duration made a difference.

They tried to fix it by adding dragons to guard. No idea why that didn’t fix issues 1-4.

I think if they fixed issues 1-4 then the event would be ok.


The only thing I felt was a pro was art.


The prizes were also really poor and the points per attack were super low just like FP. It was very rss intensive for very little reward. It was also super time intensive, needing people on constantly. The event was way too luck based.


I can’t confirm just yet when exactly FP will. All we have for now is slated some time in September.

As for what’s being looked into, there are two new additions that I can only tease for now and that are not final/subject to change:

  • Ultra Attack
  • Co-Op Raiding

True prizes needed to be boosted.

But of all its issues I still think it had some potential. The fixes they did just didn’t address the issues.

I mean dragon guards… they were weird they didn’t fix any issues it had.

Have to admit out of all the pvp UIs that was the only one that had any meaning. The rest of the pvp events are just static pictures.

KotH was the same in that at least its UI had meaning.


To me ultra attack sounds like 1,000 inner fire and 1,000 energy packs…

If so its cool that BMaz gets her own attack mode and probably fair given she funds 50% of the game but what about the rest of us :smiley:


bring back capture the flag so I can have cute little flags on my base again, thank you


I think capture the flag/tug of war was superior because:

  1. You could hit any team in every round. Good for those who have trouble getting good points against certain teams, and no penalties for having periods where your team is mostly offline - yes, you lose a few rounds/flags, but you don’t get demoted to a pit where your points are lower.
  2. I loved the visual of the push/pull tug of war action - I’d check in regularly to see how things were progressing. You knew who was hitting you.
  3. No alliance issues - although it wasn’t an issue at the time, the 24 one-on one matchups preclude no-hits.
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