What is the effect of tower hp bonuses

I want to understand what is the effect of the HP bonuses on towers with an example … Suppose I have a tower in my base that says “Health 3b”, an enemy hunter dragon attacks hit and destroys it in six shots, then I place a rider that says “increases tower HP 100%”, how many shots will the same
Hunter dragon need to kill my tower ?

The answer depends on how much other hp boosts you have (research, monuments etc).

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ok suppose the “health 3b” is already factoring a 20% bonus from runes and research and that there are no hp boosts from monuments

If that’s the case, then the tower base hp was 2.5B.

So with rider it’s 5.5B (so would need 11 shots).

But normally there’s already a lot more than 20% from other buffs.

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I did some testing a while ago and from what i’ve gathered the ingame tower view shows every bonus apart from baseboost and 30% boosts. Quite obviously also not anything that is an in battle effect like the mythic warrior shield or EF/orrery ss effect.
It seems to apply those on the towers base hp and then use that number as base for the 52% from bb+30%. I would also guess that the in battle effects use the post 52% number as 100% but im really not sure on that.

since we cant see exact numbers anywhere i cant be 100% sure but it worked with different bases and different dragons so its probably not too far off.

so to answer your question, you could just look again in the ingame tower view and it would show you those 3b plus whatever 100% of that towers base hp were.
how many shots it would take doesnt really give you what you want to know because each of those 6 shots could deal between 500m and 599m damage and if the towers base hp were just 598m it would still be 6 shots dealing 599m each


Correct, these buffs should be additive to the rest of the buffs though, not multiplicative. Works the same way as 30% boosters for dragons.

The extra hp by ef/orrery takes 30% of base hp of the shield tower and adds that to the modified hp of all towers in affected area.

Another thing to keep in mind on this matter, defender shields don’t add any hp to towers but decrease the damage taken by dragon attacks by 25%, basically a multiplicative debuff. This has by far the biggest impact on the amount of shots an attacker requires to kill a tower.

Totems on the other hand work like an additive debuff. A 15% resist totem has the same effect on the attacking dragon as if the attacker would take a piece of gear of the same % value off of it’s rider.

To answer the the title of this thread:
The more buffs you already have, the less effective any additional buffs will be. This means if you have 0% buffs on your base and you were to add a rune with 10% tower hp, the hp of that tower would actually increase by 10%.
Now if you already have 100% buffs by a rider, the effective increase from “before” to “after” adding the rune will only be 5%. That’s because these buffs are additive.
Some more numbers:
200% pre-rune → 3.33% effectiveness
300% pre-rune → 2.5% effectiveness

This works the same way for both towers and dragons and it’s the same with all other buffs that are additive. Multiplicative buffs on the other hand (mainly dragon spells) stay “true” to their value. If the spell says “increase dragon damage by 100%” the damage will actually be doubled regardless of what rider, runes etc. you have.

That is true. It would be possible to make an approximation of the general dragon’s dps based on what level and league op is playing in but that would still be too unprecise and dependant on the dragon itself as well.
For example a 800m Barbend +damage amp +2 exotics would deal 1360m damage per ammo.
A 800m Perwog +damage amp would deal 800m damage per ammo.
A 800m Durgotth +damage amp would deal 560m damage per ammo.

So it’s basically different for every dragon (player setups vary as well) and adding a 10% rune might help in one case but do absolutely nothing in all other cases

Same discussion can be made about dragon runes or choosing a +2 ammo rider over a high attack % rider for example.

To make this topic more available to everybody without having to understand the math behind it, I’m currently working on an excel sheet for dragon attack, letting you check how much ammo you’ll need to kill a tower with the chosen buffs, how much time it takes for warrior beam to kill a tower etc. . I’m nowhere near done though so not expecting to release this anytime soon


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