What is the intended way to play Atlas? PG’s point of view

I’d like an official response from PG. I’d like to know the direction they are trying to go with Atlas.

What are PG’s intentions?
How are we to play this game?

I know it’s a war game…
I get it we fight each other…

However, are there rules we should be following?
Conduct or expectations?

Does PG want us to attack smaller teams wiping them out and then taking what land they have and then selling it to other teams? Should we all be Pirates?

Or can We just hold them hostage?
Like park 4-5 maxed Primes on their forts until they pay us to leave?

Can we form hit squads and kill different teams some other team doesn’t like?

I’d like to know what the rules are because this will determines how we play this game.

It would be nice to see some guidelines and if there are none is it no holds barred?
Are we free to do whatever and whenever we want within the perameters of the game?

Or are we free to make up our own rules?

This is a legitimate post not a complaint we would just like to know what the goals or “intentions” are for the future.


Excellent question.
It is similar to how multinational companies handle business: the employees bonus rules or variable salary metrics are the things that speak loudest. Even so, there’s a mission, a vision, etc. that not always match the financial incentives.

So far the only communication from PG on Atlas is the financial incentives. We get some rewards from following event rotation, but biggest rewards are from Glory (new season concept) and owning upgraded land.

I would really like to understand the company objectives, even more because Atlas has been the game part most responsive to player feedback.

I have no clue what you just said :laughing:

Now you spelled the beans :joy::joy::joy:


Atlas was inspired by players’ incredible team loyalty. It’s a world where players drive the story and novel gameplay emerges from unpredictable social dynamics that arise from our diverse Dragon Lords inhabiting the shared space we call Atlas.

I belief that our responsibility is to create tools which players can do cool things with. Sometimes even small things like taxation have generated passionate discussion Tax Feature (discussion) and a large variety of player-developed philosophies on the best way to organize a team. I think that’s the best outcome – when the things we create inspire discussion and interesting choices. That has been Atlas’ mission from the beginning, and is still our mission.


Oh boy, that’s gonna come back to bite you square in the butt Dave…

I can hear the same that whine about unfair tactics (merc thread for one) in the regular game winding up…

I don’t believe it will come back to bite him.

That’s as honest as he can be and I appreciate that!
So, that being said… if it can be done within the perameters of the game… looting, warring, robbing, hostage taking, extortion, murder for hire, protection, mercenaries ect!

Those are all totally achievable inside the parameters of the game… there is even a method by which payments can be made universally “gold”.

Knowing these things are part of the game is important to how it’s played.

Not every team has to be honorable and straight up!
Deception and the most disgusting folks you can think of will gravitate towards their natural behaviors.
Played out in Atlas across the map.

That being said it also ends the idea of “bullies” they aren’t “bullies” they are playing the game as an alignment which does not mirror yours…

So if one team decides they are going to rob others and sell their lands? Cool! Part of the game!

If another team decides they will only attack teams that do that for hire? Cool! Part of the game!

This gives us a better understanding of the dynamics.

Now, they just need a better method of addressing cheaters and or verifying accounts to be “real”

So, maybe like Twitter does a blue check mark?
Once and account is determined to not be a hacker, cheater, pack loader ect… PG could “mark them” somehow? Verified or something? And those who are obvious whales can stop being accused of cheating?

And it will be easier to weed out the trash/cheater accounts of lvl 400+ joined a month ago with 5M medals totally trashing everyone else?

Thank you @PGDave


I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t be able to do all that, I just think there are many cupcakes that will cry their little eyes out if you “bully” them.

Interesting…so can be like the criminality experienced in the real world where mobsters extort money from businesses else the owners are mutilated and/or the business is burned to the ground. No canopy or effective enforcement of ethics or morals (I’m not talking about cheating, that is another issue). Basically, extort, mame, kill or be killed. Not really a competitive game, more of the haves versus the have nots with a severe delineation existing between a few teams and the rest.

Some of those higher teams appear to have some morals or policy regarding demolishing those significantly lessor than themselves, others appear to take satisfaction in abusing these teams to the benefit of others or their own enjoyment.

I hope PG vision changes, else I’m going to abandon my two accounts, put my time and money on something else that is much more enjoyable. And I’ll take these last 2+ years as a lesson to stay away from online games.


Ok, so I can understand that the intention was to create a game where the players dictate what happens.

However, there does need to be some sort of goal, set by the developers, for players and teams to strive for. Without it, all that atlas really is is a playground with no purpose other than grinding out shards to level armor. Just about everything you do there is now somehow related to armor crafting.

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I personally believe that some sort of morality should be instituted as a guideline, even if it doesn’t mirror my own. If they decide to turn it into a game where players are rewarded (and therefore encouraged) to do everything Snow mentioned - that’s OK - at least we will all know what to expect. I disagree with the completely unguided, hands off approach (and I disagree with the ability and ultimately encouragement of the strong having ultimate and unchecked power and right.

Unfortunately @PGDave, I think you implied this is the case in your response, whether you intended to or not. As @SnowRR said - people will naturally do what is in their nature - especially when there are zero consequences, and it is almost completely anonymous.

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It’s not bullying if they allow and support it.

Think of it this way, the more teams that get wiped out or smashed the more money they have to spend to fix it. It’s a great business model.
However, like Highlander’s in the end there can be only one and eventually all other teams will be totally wiped out.

Such is life right :wink:?
Who needs balance when you have $$$$$$$$$
(See what I did there :wink::smirk:)

I missed your intent in the first post, but I get you now. :beers:

I just see the word bully and get tunnel vision LOL

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In text it’s hard to convey emotions!
It’s the worst form of communication we have honestly.

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Don’t cheat.


The first thing that striked me was - do we want a United Nations for atlas?

My opinion, lets keep it to medivial era :wink:

That’s my true view of atlas

The goal is to generate massive income for PG. Think about it, teams go around and kill whoeverr they can. Where possible, those attacked will try to get others to help they try to retaliate, if not powerful enough, they’ll pay gold to a much higher level team to seek revenge for them. For the right amount of gold some teams will even clear out castles and regions for them. Go a step further, pay more gold, and some teams will provide protection and show up to protect them.

Now, consider all of that. Troops constantly getting injured that will get revived and others getting killed off and more peasants will have to be trained. Think of all the spending that will result…who benefits, the players who are constantly trying to rebuild or PG?


This is one potential outcome.

The other is that people will get tired of getting their teeth kicked in, realize that there are no punishment for anything because there are no rules and no governing bodies. Since there’s nothing that prevents it, there’s no way to stop it from continuing. I personally think this will lead to mass exodus from the game, or the vast majority hanging in neutral, thereby nullifying the majority of what atlas is supposed to be - which will also drive the ‘strong’ (read ruthless/opportunistic) to leave the game for another that they can act out their (as @SnowRR calls it) natural behaviors. Either way, my personal view is that it is not good for (PG’s) business without implementing some sort of guidelines, and beefing up anti-grieving.


If you’re going to beef up Anti Grieving then u also have to put other limitations in place.

For example, limit the land level low influence teams can be protected on. The lowest would only be protected on lvl 2 land, next tier of teams lvl 3, etc. You can’t have a class of protected teams with low influence and probably high enough lvl players able to do what a top influence team can do, while being protected.

There are more things u would have to consider as well.


This has to be balanced though. Two “equals” can actually use the current anti-griefing mechanics to effectively remove the possibility of retaliation for an offensive against the other. There have been some tweaks to make this less unbearable, but the current “meatshield” tactic has really been more of a “meatwall.”

How many troops are you willing to kill at 0% glory?