What is the Line group for Hauheset training? ☺️

We have a member who wants to try mastering her. :grin:

I would be interested to improve my hau (and very soon noctua) skills as well. Would love to join

I thought you just had to practice, literally 1000 healing pots later and YouTube videos and I’m okay, but never will be in the league of some of the legends out there. You need to master blinking, reversing and sanding at the same time in the turn, multiple sanding towers, time shift management, rage management, stuttering, and memorizing all the blue mages set ups. But hey it’s a fun dragon and I use it everyday. :+1::muscle:

She is my go to when my lead dies and I need to build rage. Besides that … forget the blinking and stuttering :rofl:

I might need this chat next week :thinking:
Can somebody give a link or something like that to join it ?

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