What is the most difficult or confusing feature in Atlas to use?

Update v3.90 has added a number of battle, navigational, and Rider Gear improvements, but there’s a number of other systems that still need improvement in Atlas. We have a laundry list of things that we want to work on, but want to better-focus our efforts by understanding what the biggest pain points are now and why.

Some examples to get things started:

  • The Ledger could be better
  • Combat outcomes are hard to make sense of
  • As an officer, dealing with infrastructure is confusing because X.
  • Figuring out where I am or where I’m going = :dizzy_face:

Feedback from this thread will help contribute to an in-game survey we’ll be sending out to all Atlas players soon, so let’s get thinkin’!

  • Primarchs & Their Uses: Pretending that YellowMonkey and gox’s guides don’t exist, it wasn’t particularly obvious to people how primarchs worked and how stats impact troop loss. e.g. You want to initiate on a Sieger and avoid getting attacked on it, while you’d want to get attacked on a Taunter and defend it.
  • Blockades: When we first gained access to Atlas, a few teammates were confused by the blockade and ignored the popup that came up, then they got stuck for hours, and some just stopped playing for a while after that. Part of that is on them, though…
  • Pathing: Other teammates didn’t understand what the connectors meant, showing how the path between territories were drawn. Some didn’t see the paths at all.

Other items were related to navigation that I think later releases resolved. There are bugs with things not displaying properly on the same row that have been reported elsewhere.

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Foreman and what does he do? :blush:

Knowing where the hell the rest of your team is. I have no clue how to tell easily.

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If your team has continents claimed, tapping the three horizontal dots in the lower right will pop up a menu. Click on the top icon, a fort, and that’ll take you to your team’s territory(ies); I don’t remember if this works for safe zones/no mans land :zipper_mouth_face: (might have to go off coordinates). You can find your own troops in the second icon, the scroll.

Edit: Ah, I see. :speak_no_evil:

We are a team that was a recent add and as such have no land. Finding out where our teammates are is tough. If they’re on, coordinates are fine. If they’re not…

You can jump to a teammates location by tapping the primarch icons in the contributions tab. But would be nice to have text display instead of zooming all over the place. It’s also not really obvious that what the game is doing is bringing you to that primarch’s location :see_no_evil:


A standing orders message box in Atlas, like in Fight Pits would be really helpful.

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Clean up terminology. Troops or ships. Islands or castles or cities or what. Territories.

The terminology can make it rough. And make an index for it god damn it.


Basic movement. Simply getting a group of people from point A to point B can take hours to arrange. By the time you execute even a basic attack it takes on average about 2-3 hours.

Tasks. Right now Atlas is very team oriented, which is good but at the same time it is very difficult for people do to things by themselves. Simplifying long term goals into more manageable objectives would help.


Map coordinates disappear if you have no primarch summoned.


def agree with this task thing

v3.90 added some navigational improvements, like castle Bookmarking and region view. It’s still a little early to tell, but have these moved the needle at all at on some of the navigational issues mentioned?

Some of it is visual that helps but just the practical matter of getting a person from point A to point B can be daunting. This coming from a game where attacking someone is like a 2-3 click nearly instant process.

Sometimes it makes it tougher. So when you’re trying to click on a primarch that’s circling a gold
Mine or stationed at an island or poacher or whatnot, it often doesn’t take. You can click exactly on it and nothing. Well, before. Now when you click and the game assumes you missed hitting your target, it opens region view. And I feel like we can’t zoom in as deeply as before, so it makes it even harder. That’s just my opinion.

There is an index and it’s posted in our notes section :rofl: but yeah PG really needs to update their stuff that still says “ships” on events and buttons. Noobs are freaking out trying to figure out where the hell they get a ship from

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The constant pop up boxes about castles is annoying AF. That should only be shown if you purposely click on details. I’m trying move the screen and zoom around the clusters of bubbles and that box keeps popping up making it even more frustrating.

The deeper 3D images are an eye sore, making an already difficult map even more difficult to see and move.

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I may be wrong but as a player recently included in atlas (maybe 2 weeks now?) the biggest issues I saw were

  1. tutorial issues where the tutorial crashes and couldn’t be skipped or bypasses without a support ticket, or the directions told you what not to do but not what to do. (This may have been improved already) and also a number of games having non atlas related issues resulting from not being able to complete the tutorial. It is my opinion that the tutorial should be able to be skipped and should be able to come back to it later.

  2. safe zone coloring is confusing for new players. I would suggest we limit safe zones to one color and reserve it from being used anywhere else. (Or a button that toggles land type view so you can see pathways better)

  3. land ownership issues - over half of the game is denied to new players due to land ownership not being practical for a new player. Some say 2-4 weeks in safe zone but that isn’t even realistic unless you spend money or join a group that already has land. As a new player I was excited about ample new land, but disappointed to see 80% of it owned by the same groups who already own everything, with the remainder going to groups who have been living In the safe zones for a very long time. I think something needs to be done here. Maybe put all new groups into geographically isolated regions where travel across is slow and painful? Maybe give everyone some kind of guaranteed land? I dunno. Something should be done. I have no interest in joining groups set in motion over a year ago with complicated political BS just so I can get some riders and gear. The game should foster new groups having a chance to grow and provide competition to the established ones somehow. We are just fish in the barrel to be shot…

  4. graphical representation of glory earnings. I’ve seen breakdowns of glory in the forums, but not only is it difficult to tell what on is correct, but new players have no clue what they should do to earn glory, or what incentive they have not to just commit suicide with their ships

  5. Troops being called ships, but they move on land and cannot cross the water. What’s up with that?

I also think more people would have more fun if the tutorial went over basic rules of engagement. I’m still not clear how so many attacks on players in red zones result in no battle report and no glory gained. Sometimes it seems like the second you start traveling to a safe zone you are safe except when you get wiped out and we’re clearly already heading for it well before the battle concluded. It would also be good for the tutorial to cover primarch abilities and usage.

What’s a “deeper 3D image”? Are you talking aout the lakes, or something else?

@pgEcho has changes coming to the region view popup boxes you’re having a bad time with now … the changes will be in the mid-month release (3.91) in <2 weeks I believe.

@PGDave It’s the angle of the view (or rotated along a horizontal axis/looking like you’re standing on the map); Echo replied in the patch notes thread:

It’s more noticeable on a phone screen than on tablets.

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