What is the next Event? Breeding Event?

This Event is the Temple PVP event, and what is the next event?
I’d like to know, because I want to prepare myself as good as possible

The rough cycle is PvP, Fort, PvP, Breed, PvP, fort, on and on and on.
We had fort last week so this event is breeding


It’s pretty much been that since feed was removed


Tentative season schedule

Updated every season and on event change in the spreadsheet vault.


Those 2 things are not tied to one another - chests follow predetermined drop sequences

On topic though - yes, breeding should be next


How are you getting wood packs from chests if it isnt already fort?

How are you getting inner fires and energy packs from gold chests if it isnt already a pvp event?

Wood packs only drop DURING fort, never during pvp events. PvP items only drop DURING pvps, never during fort or breeding unless you’re opening draconics. So neither of those comments make any sense, it would already have to be that event to get them.


Well chests follow a drop sequence that is particular to that event. That sequence is the same for everyone that week, everyone is on the same sequence, getting the same drop items. The only difference is where on that sequence they are. You can also tap on the chest info in the armory to see the drop contents that week. There wont be any pvp items during a breeding or fort event and there wont be any food or wood packs, any elemental embers or fire and ice shards during a pvp event.

Only way you could have gotten pvp items outside of a pvp event is if you accidentally opened Draconic chests instead, that’s just how chests work :woman_shrugging:


But… why are you opening chests within minor evento? You should open them only during pvp so to get energy packs and inner fires. Tokens are coming out the same…
If you want to open other chests during Breed and Fort use Draconian o Platinum ones, not Gold or Bronze.

Are mythics supposed to come out this week too then to be aligned with lvl 120s?

120s are for maxed legendary arcanum. 121-125 will be for mythic arcanum. And no, they’re not coming out this breeding. It should be the breeding after during week 9


Not quite true, breeding golds do have 60% more tokens. But I do agree that it’s still a bad idea to open them in breeding instead of pvp, the extra tokens don’t make up for the loss of pvp resources.

Fort is the only event where elemental embers drop from golds, and it also drops more timers, so there are actually reasons why you would open golds in fort too.


It is breeding :slightly_smiling_face: as was announced in this thread: