What is the next event does anyone know?

What do you all think the next event is going to be? I hope that it is fortification but we already had that once so I have no idea. What do you all think is the next event?

It is predicted to be Fortification - > Feeding next, but as always we won’t know until the Monday prior. You can look at this and estimate too.

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Thanks that answers my question the button that lets me say that I can’t find right now though :thinking:

I can never find it. Don’t feel bad. Best I can tell is it shows up on Safari but not Chrome, or IE.

What’s the next event after breeding?

Hey! as soon as Creators Factions members know we let the community know. ShadowOfBirds instagram is a great source!

here is mine as I use Facebook more:


lastly, as @Ebony posted originally wardragons.info is a really great source

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