What is the next event? Will there be a discount branch? 🦩

Isn’t it time for the announcement??? Where are the peeps???

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Wallet Wars its is.


Why would there be a discount branch in the middle of the season?

Because I want one? :grin:


Thank you :rose:

Got a like cuz I love the poster, not for KW!

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Honestly, from PG’s side of things, this would be the perfect week for the limited branch. Most would have used their sigils on Morak or that trash rider, so the exotic rune/limited branch this week would be smart for them.

I hope there’s one :cold_face:


New PvP events please!

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Let’s bring back Assault again


BUMP!!! :dromedary_camel:

BUMP BUMP!!! :camel:

Anyone know???

Its pits and forScience said special branch in early Feb.

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Did she say what kind of rune it will contain? :eyes:

Hoping for earth flake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Its a rune for the new white Salt Tower to deter the new Leg dragons due in 2 weeks.
Snail Dragon

Snaily. Leaves a deadly slime trail across the base but flies at 10/th normal speed.

Bannana Sluggy. Flies faster than Snaily but is very vulnerable (3X damage) to the Salt Tower damage.

*Salt Tower *
The defensive Salt Tower is powered by a new currency which has a variable drop depending on how salty the forums are over any given event, minor or major.


Dont really need to bump this when there’s already a topic asking

No one knows what it is until there’s a blog post about it on the Tuesday before. So far they’ve followed the same order that the flaks were released in so it may be an ice flak rune… or it may be a ballista rune because this is PG we’re talking about

Oh, at least I didn’t create a new thread :grin:

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